A sample application for using Unity's PhotoCapture API in combination with HoloLens.
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HoloLens PhotoCapture Sample

What is this repository for?

This is a sample application for using Unity's PhotoCapture API in combination with HoloLens. Most noticeably, there should be holograms visible in the final image and the image is saved to the Camera Roll.


Responsible for taking and saving images.

Editor fields:

Name Usage
Show Holograms If set to true, shows Holograms in the captured photo.
Auto Start If set to true, starts the camera immediatly.


Name Usage
StartCamera Starts the camera. If the PhotoManager is set to Auto start, you don't have start the camera manually.
TakePhoto Takes a photo an saves it. The behaviour is described beneath.
StopCamera Stops the camera.

The manager is being controlled by buttons next to the cube or voice commands. The current status of the camera is visible in the lower right corner.

Behaviour in Unity Editor

The photo is saved to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\PRODUCT_NAME\LocalState (according to the documentation).

Behaviour on HoloLens

The photo is saved to the camera roll and should be visible in the Photos app on HoloLens as well as the Mixed Reality Tab in the Windows Device Portal. If an error occurs during saving to camera roll the photo is saved to LocalAppData\hololens-photocapture_VERSION_x86_ID\LocalState.


  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Unity 2017.2+ with Windows Store support
  • at least Windows SDK 10.0.10240.0


  • Mixed Reality Toolkit > Configure > Apply HoloLens Project Settings
  • Mixed Reality Toolkit > Build Window > Build Visual Studio SLN


  • Unity > File > Build settings
    • Switch to Platform to Windows Store
    • SDK: Universal 10
    • Target device: Any device
    • UWP Build Type: D3D
    • UWP SDK: Latest
    • C# Unity Projects: check
  • Build


The image is not saved to camera roll

Make sure you have PicturesLibrary selected in Unity under Edit > Project settings > Player > Publishing settings > Capabilites. Also make sure that in the generated Visual Studio Solution all the specified capabilites are correct. These can be found in the package.appxmanifest under the Capabilites tab.