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(:require [ :as om :refer-macros [defui]]
[om.dom :as dom]
[kanban.reconciler :refer [reconciler]]
[kanban.parsing.boards :as boards]
[kanban.components.boards-menu :refer [BoardMenuItem boards-menu]]
[kanban.components.board :refer [Board board]]
[kanban.components.board-dialog :refer [BoardDialog board-dialog]]
[kanban.components.card :refer [Assignee Card]]
[kanban.components.card-dialog :refer [CardDialog card-dialog]]
[kanban.components.lane :refer [Lane]]
[kanban.components.about :refer [about]]))
(defui App
static om/IQuery
(query [this]
[{:boards (om/get-query Board)}
{:boards/active (om/get-query Board)}
{:boards/editing (om/get-query BoardDialog)}
{:lanes (om/get-query Lane)}
{:cards (om/get-query Card)}
{:cards/editing (om/get-query CardDialog)}
{:users (om/get-query Assignee)}])
(board-activate [this ref]
(om/transact! this `[(boards/activate {:ref ~ref})]))
(board-create [this]
(om/transact! this `[(boards/create-board)]))
(board-update [this board data]
(om/transact! this `[(boards/update {:board ~board :data ~data})]))
(board-edit [this board]
(om/transact! this `[(boards/edit {:board ~board})]))
(card-drag-start [this lane card]
(om/transact! this `[(cards/drag {:lane ~lane :card ~card})]))
(card-drag-end [this lane card]
(om/transact! this `[(cards/drag nil)]))
(card-drag-drop [this lane]
(if-let [source (-> this om/props :cards/dragged)]
(om/transact! this `[(lanes/move-card {:card ~(:card source)
:from ~(:lane source)
:to ~lane})
(cards/drag nil)])))
(card-drag-delete [this]
(if-let [source (-> this om/props :cards/dragged)]
(om/transact! this `[(lanes/delete-card {:card ~(:card source)
:lane ~(:lane source)})
(cards/drag nil)])))
(card-create [this lane]
(om/transact! this `[(lanes/create-card {:lane ~lane})]))
(card-edit [this card]
(om/transact! this `[(cards/edit {:card ~card})]))
(card-update [this card data]
(om/transact! this `[(cards/update {:card ~card :data ~data})]))
(render [this]
(dom/div #js {:className "app"}
(dom/header #js {:className "header"}
(dom/h1 nil
(dom/a #js {:onClick #(.board-activate this nil)}
"Om Next Kanban Demo"))
(dom/nav nil
(let [props (-> this om/props (select-keys [:boards]))]
(om/computed props
{:activate-fn #(.board-activate this %)
:create-fn #(.board-create this)})))))
(dom/main nil
(if-let [active-board (-> this om/props :boards/active)]
(om/computed active-board
{:dragging (-> this om/props :cards/dragged)
:edit-fn #(.board-edit this %)
:card-create-fn #(.card-create this %)
:card-edit-fn #(.card-edit this %)
:card-drag-fns {:start #(.card-drag-start this %1 %2)
:end #(.card-drag-end this %1 %2)
:drop #(.card-drag-drop this %)
:delete #(.card-drag-delete this)}}))
(if-let [board (-> this om/props :boards/editing)]
(om/computed board {:lanes (-> this om/props :lanes)
:close-fn #(.board-edit this nil)
:update-fn #(.board-update this %1 %2)})))
(if-let [card (-> this om/props :cards/editing)]
(om/computed card {:users (-> this om/props :users)
:close-fn #(.card-edit this nil)
:update-fn #(.card-update this %1 %2)})))))))
(defn run []
(om/add-root! reconciler
(.. js/document (getElementById "app"))))
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