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Apply YARA rules to your Cutter projects.
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Yara Cutter Plugin

cutter overview


Extension to use YARA rules on Cutter projects.
Simply paste your rule files in the "rules" directory to apply them at start.

plugin closeup


This plugin relies on yara-python.
To make it work you need to install it into the cutter embedded python version.

  • For windows systems you can run the provided powershell file. (Don't forget to edit the path!)
  • For nix operating systems simply install yara-python, locate the files with pip show and copy the module files to the python directory of cutter.
  • Now copy the cutter plugin files to the cutter plugin directory (on windows usually found at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\RadareOrg\Cutter\plugins\python\)
  • Finally add some rules to the "rules" directory

Example Usecases

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