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Janssen Project - Open Source Digital Identity Infrastructure Software

Welcome to the Janssen Project

The Linux Foundation DPGA

An open source digital identity platforms that scales, Janssen is a software distribution of standards-based, developer-friendly components that are engineered to work together in any cloud.

  • Develop your identity solution using low code on Agama Lab
  • Use Helm, Rancher, or OpenTofu to deploy your solution in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Connect your solution to mobile, web, and API software clients.

Digital identity has a huge technical surface area. As you can see from the commits on this projects, we write a lot of code. But we don't have to write everything! Where it's synergistic, the project leverages third party security components, like Keycloak and Open Policy Agent. We favor security software that lives under the Linux Foundation umbrella, but other community governed open source components are ok too.

The Janssen Project is the home of Agama, a programming language for web login flows. Agama also defines the .gama file extension, an archive format to standardize deployment of Agama code on any IDP.

Janssen is a self-funded project chartered directly under the Linux Foundation. It is recognized as a Digital Public Good by the DPGA. Currently, a lot of contributions and many core contributors of the Janssen Project are from the Gluu team, who provide a commercial distribution called Gluu Flex.

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Janssen Components

Component Description Lifecycle Stage
Jans Auth Server A very complete Java OAuth Authorization Server and a certified OpenID Connect Provider. It's the upstream open-source core of Gluu Flex. Graduated
Agama Agama offers an interoperable way to design authentication flows, coded in a DSL purpose-built for writing identity journeys. Graduated
Jans FIDO Enables end-users to enroll and authenticate with passkeys and other FIDO authenticators. Graduated
Jans SCIM SCIM JSON/REST API for user management, including associated FIDO devices. Graduated
Jans Config API RESTful control plane for all Janssen components. Graduated
Text UI ("TUI") Command line and interactive configuration tools to help you correctly call the Config API. Graduated
Jans Casa Jans Casa is a self-service web portal for end-users to manage authentication and authorization preferences for their account in the Janssen Server Graduated
Jans KC provides an array of out of the box IAM services in a single lightweight container image. It's handy for many workforce requirements like SAML. The Janssen authenticator module (SPI) simplifies SSO across Janssen and Keycloak websites. Incubating
Jans LDAP Link a group of components that provide synchronization services to update the Janssen User Store from an external authoritative LDAP data sources Incubating
Jans Keycloak Link a group of components that provide synchronization services to update the Janssen User Store from an external authoritative Keycloak data sources Incubating
Jans Lock A Pub/Sub client that retrieves the latest data about OAuth access and transaction tokens and updates OPA. Incubating
Jans Tarp An OpenID Connect RP test website that runs as a browser plugin in Chrome or Firefox. Incubating
Jans Chip Sample iOS and Android mobile applications that implement the full OAuth and FIDO security stack for app integrity, client constrained access tokens, and user presence. Demo
Jans Tent A test Relying Party ("RP") built using Python and Flask. Enables you to send different requests by quickly modifying just one configuration file. Demo


You can install Janssen in a Kubernetes cluster or as a single VM. Check out the Janssen Documentation for all the details.


A BIG thanks to all the amazing contributors!! 👏 👏

Building a diverse community is our number one goal. Please let us know what we can do to make you feel more welcome, no matter what you want to contribute.

There are many ways you can contribute. Join this amazing team!

Code of Conduct / Contribution Guidelines / Security

  • Janssen code of conduct ensures that the Janssen community is a welcoming place for everyone.

  • Start with the Contribution Guide for an introduction on the Janssen development lifecycle.

  • If you think you found a security vulnerability, please refrain from posting it publicly on the forums, the chat, or GitHub. Instead, email us at Refer to Janssen Security Policy


Janssen is a self-funded Linux Foundation project, governed according to the charter. Technical oversight of the project is the responsibility of the Technical Steering Committee ("TSC"). Day-to-day decision-making is in the hands of the Contributors. The TSC helps to guide the direction of the project and to improve the quality and security of the development process.


If you find a bug in the Janssen project, would like to suggest a new feature, or have a "howto" question, please post on GitHub Discussions, which is the main channel for community support. There is also a community chat on Gitter.


Below is the list of current mega releases that hold information about every single release of our services and modules:

Janssen History

In 2020, Gluu decided to give contributors a role in the governance and collaborated with the Linux Foundation to charter the Janssen Project. The initial software contribution for the Janssen Project was a fork of the "Gluu Server". Subsequently, the Janssen Project developers added a new configuration control plane, tools, demos, documentation, packaging and deployment assets.

Why the name Janssen?

Pigeons (or doves...) are universally regarded as a symbol of peace--which I think everyone can agree we need more of today. But pigeons are also really fast, capable of flying 1000 kilometers in a single day, powered by a handful of seeds. The Janssen brothers of Arendonk in Belgium bred the world's fastest family of racing pigeons. Janssen racing pigeons revolutionized the sport. The Janssen Project seeks to revolutionize how open-source digital identity scales in the clouds.