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@moabu moabu released this 08 Jul 12:32
· 34 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

  • feat(orm): store json values without escaping them by @yurem in #8609
  • chore: prepare 1.1.3 SNAPSHOT and dev by @moabu in #8608
  • ci(workflows): fix docker sign command by @moabu in #8611
  • chore(jans-cli-tui): remove api-doc templates by @devrimyatar in #8618
  • @shekhar16 feat(document-store): add jansServices changes by @shekhar16 in #8599
  • feat(config-api): user mgt error handling by @pujavs in #8621
  • fix(jans-auth-server): tx token replace failing with 500 #8623 by @yuriyz in #8624
  • feat: allow user to enter acr directly #8615 by @duttarnab in #8622
  • fix: asset mgt new endpoints and compile time error for core and config-api by @pujavs in #8639
  • fix(charts): resolve overlapping cronjobs in all-in-one setup by @iromli in #8643
  • fix(jans-auth-server): do not recognized different agama flows as different acr #8652 by @yuriyz in #8653
  • feat: adding version comments and version_name field by @duttarnab in #8650
  • docs: jans memory dump by @misba7 in #8641
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): file browser not re-open in asset mgt by @devrimyatar in #8649
  • fix(jans-auth-server): do not recognize different agama flows as different acr #8652 by @yuriyz in #8654
  • refactor(docs): update Agama Configuration document by @ossdhaval in #8644
  • test(jans-auth-server): ExternalAuthenticationServiceTest test failure #8655 by @yuriyz in #8656
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): asset management: Jans Service and asset types by @devrimyatar in #8658
  • docs: update looping section of lang reference by @jgomer2001 in #8661
  • Lock Endpoint Scaffolding by @yurem in #8672
  • fix: removed redundant field from core class, added desc for config-api configuration properties by @pujavs in #8673
  • chore: upgrade freemarker by @jgomer2001 in #8670
  • feat(jans-casa): replace Touch Id with PassKey by @shekhar16 in #8676
  • Lock Endpoint Scaffolding and license update by @yurem in #8680
  • feat(jans-linux-setup): lock metadata well-known endpoint by @devrimyatar in #8682
  • feat(jans-auth): fix schema endpoint by @yurem in #8687
  • fix(jans-auth-server): agama_flow acr in id_token does not correspond to acr in request #8692 by @yuriyz in #8694
  • docs: update default authn method document by @ossdhaval in #8684
  • chore(cloud-native): sync assets to OCI images by @iromli in #8679
  • docs: misc doc updates for SCIM Fido 2 by @jgomer2001 in #8701
  • fix: reduce Freemarker's "incompatible improvements version" by @jgomer2001 in #8702
  • fix(docs): update content of cache configuration documentation by @ossdhaval in #8705
  • fix(config-api): validation and check enabled for default authentication method by @pujavs in #8706
  • feat(cedarling): initial implementation for cedarling by @sokorototo in #8691
  • feat: apply password validation by @jgomer2001 in #8716
  • feat(jans-linux-setup): top level wrapper command jans by @devrimyatar in #8737
  • fix(jans-cli): --schema option renamed to --schema-sample by @devrimyatar in #8739
  • fix: avoid user provisioning when user already exists by @jgomer2001 in #8738
  • chore: remove usage of agama_flow param in plugin by @jgomer2001 in #8741
  • docs: update logging configuration documentation by @ossdhaval in #8721
  • fix(jans-cli): sample schema generetation (ref: #8713) by @devrimyatar in #8746
  • docs: remove remaining mentions of agama_flow param by @jgomer2001 in #8759
  • docs(jans-lock): add swagger by @SafinWasi in #8754
  • feat(jans-keycloak-integration): enhancements to keycloak integration #8614 by @uprightech in #8747
  • feat(jans-lock): extend infrastructure for cedarling by @sokorototo in #8760
  • feat(jans-linux-setup): disable time zone for pgsql by @devrimyatar in #8766
  • fix(jans-linux-setup): default value of jans link prompt by @devrimyatar in #8768
  • chore(cloud-native): sync assets for OCI images by @iromli in #8778
  • feat(jans-keycloak-integration): update kc-saml integration installation for ce and cn #8776 by @uprightech in #8792
  • feat(cloud-native): disable timezone for pgsql by @iromli in #8787
  • chore(deps): bump blazemeter/taurus from 1.16.31 to 1.16.32 in /demos/benchmarking/docker-jans-loadtesting-jmeter by @dependabot in #8781
  • feat: add flag to disable logger timer by @jgomer2001 in #8789
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): re-write date-time picker by @devrimyatar in #8790
  • docs(jans-lock): add swagger reference by @SafinWasi in #8775
  • docs(default-auth): add schema format and example by @ossdhaval in #8794
  • docs(ldap-conf): LDAP config doc updates by @ossdhaval in #8797
  • docs(logging): add schema format and example by @ossdhaval in #8796
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): scim configuration skipDefinedPasswordValidation by @devrimyatar in #8801
  • feat(jans-core): do log4j reconfigure only on log level change by @yurem in #8802
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): Admin UI roles by @devrimyatar in #8780
  • feat(jans-keycloak-integration): update kc saml integration into ce and cn #8776 by @uprightech in #8806
  • docs: default acr script validation by @pujavs in #8715
  • docs(scim): Adding custom attribute In SCIM Extensions by @mmrraju in #7151
  • feat(jans-auth-server): Token Status List support by @yuriyz in #8620
  • fix(jans-linux-setup): dummy values for KC db options by @devrimyatar in #8821
  • test(jans-auth-server): fixed StatusListHttpTest failure #8823 by @yuriyz in #8824
  • feat(jans-auth-server): stat RDN must have date to be unique under RDBMS #8825 by @yuriyz in #8826
  • feat: ui improvement and FIDO authentication integration by @duttarnab in #8828
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): scim config disableLoggerTimer by @devrimyatar in #8835
  • fix(jans-cli-tui): SSA expire date should be greater than now by @devrimyatar in #8837
  • First draft of new cedar Lock docs. by @nynymike in #8832
  • chore(cloud-native): sync assets to OCI images by @iromli in #8834
  • docs(fido2): updates to fido2 config doc by @ossdhaval in #8809
  • feat(jans-linux-setup): status list must be enabled during tests #8838 by @yuriyz in #8839
  • docs(jwks): update jwks conf documents by @ossdhaval in #8811
  • ci: add docs check to make sure every PR is doc checked by @moabu in #8842
  • fix(jans-linux-setup): typo by @devrimyatar in #8845
  • feat(cloud-native): add ingress for jans-lock as jans-auth service by @iromli in #8857
  • chore(docker-jans-saml): sync asset for OCI image by @iromli in #8859
  • ci: fix catching the docs commit by @moabu in #8861
  • feat(jans-keycloak-integration): disable verify_profile required action #8863 by @uprightech in #8865
  • fix(jans-linux-setup): kc deployment updates by @devrimyatar in #8856
  • feat(jans-linux-setup): KC disable verify_profile required action by @devrimyatar in #8873
  • fix(fido2): remove weld dependency by @yurem in #8871
  • feat(cloud-native): disable keycloak verify_profile action by @iromli in #8876
  • fix(jans-linux-setup): KC setup - providerId UserStorageProvider by @devrimyatar in #8880
  • fix(cloud-native): pre-populate parentId in userstorage config by @iromli in #8882
  • fix(jans-linux-setup): disable kc verify_profile by @devrimyatar in #8885
  • chore(release): release 1.1.3 by @moabu in #8889

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