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First Release!

How to use:

First, open legends mode in Dwarf Fortress, press d, and export whatever maps you want. You need at least one of the two elevation maps, and whichever other ones you want.

If you have DFHack, you can use the open-legends command to open up legends mode from within fortress mode, so you don't need to abandon your fortress. Then you use the exportlegends maps command to save all of the maps there are.

Next, open Voxel Fortress, and press the Load Elevation Map button. It will bring up a dialog box, where you should load either one of the two elevation maps that DF exports from legends mode.

The two maps look like this:

Elevations including lake and ocean floors Elevations respecting water level
region4-00250-01-01-el region4-00250-01-01-elw
Using this image will show you the ocean depth. Using this image will flatten the oceans, showing their surface.

The second image can be whatever exported map you want. It will be used to give the color. If you don't chose anything, it will just be white.

After the map is saved, then you will need to load the .xraw file into MagicaVoxel Viewer, found here

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Donation Reminder:

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