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@JapaMala JapaMala released this May 13, 2019 · 29 commits to master since this release


3D Dwarfs!

This is a small bugfix release, as 0.20.1 had some issues with older plugins. That should be fixed now.

An update checker has also been added.


  • Added nightwing model
  • Allow setting an IP address for connecting to DF on another computer or VM
  • Show a warning if a fort isn't loaded.
  • Added models for gloves and blucklers.
  • Added models for helmets.
  • Hopefully fix plugin updates for mac.
  • Check online for updates.
  • Fix screen following with TWBT enabled.

W, A, S, D, and middle click drag: Move horizontally.
Q, E: Move up and down.
P: Pause and resume sun movement.
[, ]: Change time of day. This automatically pauses the sun movement.
O: Toggle shadows being casted from hidden Z-levels.
L: Toggle scaling of creatures based on their size.
`: Toggle showing the Dwarf Fortress screen.
F: Toggle following the center of the dwarf fortress screen.
C: Switch between floating camera and walking FPS mode.
F1: Toggle onscreen help
Esc: Open options menu
Ctrl+M: Exports the map as a Collada file.
Mouse wheel zooms in and out.
Right click drag rotates the view.

At a minimum, Armok Vision needs a copy of Dwarf Fortress with a recent build of DFHack installed on top of it.
For a complete experience, you either need a copy of DFHack built after the current version of Armok Vision was released, or an updated RemoteFortressReader plugin for your platform. A windows version is included in the download, otherwise you can follow the instructions at to build your own. You will need to build from the develop branch of DFHack.
Then just run Armok Vision from anywhere with any save loaded in Dwarf Fortress.

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