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Bop-It like game for Android
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Crash Boom Bop

This application is a motion sensing game. From the main menu a user can navigate to the game or a profile. In the game, a picture of a smartphone is shown and animates to show the user which action to take. The accelerometer tracks the user's movements and determines if the device was shaken in the x, y or z directions and uses that information to see if the user properly completed the given direction. Click/Tap cases are also possible. With increasing score the allowable response time decreases, as does time between being given each direction. At higher scores, bonus cases (rearranging buttons, how many taps/shakes in a given time limit) appear, as does 3 sequence random combo directions. The user's game performace is tracked in an SQLite DB and displayed in an Activity using aChartEngine API ( The application exists in a paid and free version. The free version includes ads from AdMob.

Potential Future Changes

  • A small tutorial or introduction
  • Removing Toasts for 'Streak!', 'Bonus!', 'Combo' notifications (AKA improving the appearance in game)
  • Rewording some of the available graphs
  • Lower threshold score for different medals
  • More visually stimulating game play (possibly subtle background animations/movements)
  • Any ideas? Email me @

Check it out on Google Play. You should totally buy it.

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