reinforce good manners, reprimand foul language
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Good Manners Enforcer

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Responds to insults and good manners


Acknowledge and Appreciate Good Manners in Others

Manners are reciprocal. If someone holds a door, say thank you. If you need something from a grocery shelf, and someone else is in the way, say "excuse me, please." Or ask them "could you please hand me a box of that cereal?" and then thank them.

Why Do We Need Manners?

Manners make the world go 'round. They are to the smooth functioning of society as oil is to an engine. Without good manners, people get offended, hurt, and in extreme cases, very bad manners can lead to things such as the all-too-familiar public shootings, and even wars between countries when some official protocol is snubbed.

This skill monitor utterances and reprimand insults / foul language, show appreciation for good manners

    “hey mycroft, play the news please”
    news play
    “hey mycroft, can you please tell me a joke”
    chuck norris joke
    “hey mycroft, please tell me the price of bitcoin”
    bitcoin price
    you have really good manners, i like you
    "hey mycroft, You are a disgusting maggot of a person."
    sorry, i don't know how to answer that
    you shouldn't be rude
    "hey mycroft, what the fuck is this shit"
    sorry, i don't know how to answer that
    fuck and shit are such ugly words
    "hey mycroft, can you please check the fucking asshole weather"
    current weather is something
    avoid using the words fucking and asshole, makes you look bad

for best insult detection also install in the venv the Insults package (py3 fork)

    pip install git+


  • "go F#&K yourself"
  • "eat sh1$ and die"
  • "please something (X times in a row)"




  • handle single foul word (dialog is always plural)
  • test extensively
  • improve readme
  • settingsmeta.json
  • skill unittests
  • submit to market


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