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It's just a simple temperature regulator made with Arduino (I used Leonardo board but it should work also with Uno and others). It uses two-state controller with hysteresis to steer relay's output and popular DS18B20 sensor to measure temperature.

This is a Visual Micro project which is far better than Arduino IDE.

There is also control panel made in WPF to read and write data from board: HysteresisRegulator-WPF


A short list of project features:

  • control loop with relay controller (with hysteresis)
  • customizable parameters: set point, hysteresis width, thermometer resolution
  • settings are stored in EEPROM
  • uses Modbus protocol to set regulator parameters and to show current devices states
  • Leonardo has 2 serials, main Serial is used by Modbus communication, the second one for debugging purposes
  • additional input for device's settings reset


Schematic As you can see, there is only a few elements:

  • LED on port 13 which indicates iiterations of control loop
  • debug LED which toggles when debug data is sent through serial port (2s interval)
  • control LED which indicates current output state. There should be relay circuit to control heater
  • DS18B20 thermometer

Libraries used

Libraries that was used in this projects: