Smooth planar shape interpolation
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Project for Professor Justin Solomon's MIT class, Shape Analysis (6.838).

Implementation of Chen, Weber, Keren, and Ben-Chen's paper, "Planar Shape Interpolation with Bounded Distortion" with some contributions.

In this project, I explore the possibilities of using typical interpolation and spline methods in the context of shape interpolation.

Linear vs Cubic

In the above screenshot, I show a comparison between Chen, et al's interpolation of a mesh (top) between three keyframes (red, green, and blue) and my natural cubic based interpolation (bottom).

Bezier A

Above we see a bezier interpolation between two meshes, and ways this interpolation may be changed using the bezier control points.


  • Clean up CMake (what is the proper way to import libraries?)
  • Wrap up shape morphing code into a library
  • Add toggleable 2D mode to Camera
  • Would be nice if we shared libraries with my other project (e.g., Camera, Mouseable, etc. were copy pasted from elsewhere)
  • Separate window logic from loop logic
  • Texturing
  • Convert texture to mesh
  • Separate topology representation from Mesh class
  • Clean up Shape morph code
    • Optimizations?
      • For instance, all topological math can be done only once.
      • Profiling (memory and time)
  • UI
    • Improve mesh posing
    • Add handles for editing the Bezier motion