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Python CLI tool to reformat a text into a specified number of words per line/characters per line.
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reline - formatting text line widths

Introduction & User Guide

Using a text file as input

Reline is a little command line tool with the specific job of reformatting text width.

So let's say you have a textfile called my_file.txt and its line width is around 18 words per line.
You could do something like this...
reline my_file.txt 8
which would in turn decrease the line width to a predictable 8 words per line.

The same thing can be done with characters. Say that you wanted not more than 50 characters per line without splitting any words.
reline myfile.txt -c 50
I haven't perfected this yet so it's possible that this might exceed the line width that you specify.
If you would like to make sure and see exactly how long each line is, that can be done like this:
reline myfile.txt -c -i 50
Adding the -i flag will include the character/word count of each line (depending on whether the -c flag has been passed) and also a total line count.

Lastly the words can be split to maintain exact line lengths by adding the -sw flag rather than the -c flag.
reline myfile.txt -sw 30
This will split every line at exactly 30 characters, splitting any word on to the next line.

Using a pipe as input

Same as the above except no text file is specified (I am yet to think of any good examples for this one).
<some program's> | reline 5


cd /usr/local/bin
ln -s <path_to_reline/reline>


So far I've tested this on OSX mavericks and Linux Mint 17.2 'Rafaela'
although it should fucntion on any *nix system running python 2.7


The current version separates words by spaces, which may lead to some unexpected results.
Also, currently, it treats any punctuation or number that has spaces on both sides as a word as well.

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