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semantic-release, encapsulated in a Docker image
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A generally-up-to-date image containing semantic-release and most official and community plugins, good for use in containerized CI/CD pipelines!


The image is constructed with semantic-release as the ENTRYPOINT, so you can easily verify things are working with:

docker run --rm -ti jaredreisinger/semantic-release --help

... and you should see the regular help output from semantic-release.

In a CI/CD pipeline

Using Drone as an example, you can create a release step as simply as:

# . . .
  # . . .
  - name: release
    image: jaredreisinger/semantic-release

If you have a .releaserc file, your chosen plugins and configuration will magically be used.


Given the sheer number of plugins, I've decided to simply include everything as "latest".

Even though normal Dockerfile practice is to combine RUN commands to reduce the number of layers, we take advantage of caching by separating these out, and attempting to put the more-stable and less-often-updated components first.

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