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Feedly client for Linux

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user stream now support ranked (newest/oldest) mode too
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Build Status

An ncurses based client for Feedly.


  • Vim-like bindings for scrolling through posts
  • Quick preview as you look at posts
  • Able to open post link with w3m or your default browser
  • Configurable colors
  • Also includes an external log for debugging


Note: Feednix requires C++11 support so you must build it with gcc 4.7 or higher

Distribution Packages

Arch Linux

From Source

Thank you @chrisjohnston for mentioning the following dependencies for Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install dh-autoreconf libjsoncpp-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libncursesw5-dev

Thank you @bandb42 for mentioning the following dependencies for Fedora:

sudo yum install dh-autoreconf ncursesw-devel jsoncpp-devel libcurl-devel

Note: If you are using Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint or you are getting an error during build, please use the Ubuntu-stable branch instead of the main.

First run script.

Then run your standard make commands. Here is a one liner:

./configure && make && sudo make install

Notes on Sign In Method and Rate Limiting (PLEASE READ)

Due to the fact that this is open source, the administrators at Feedly have asked me to use their developer tokens instead of giving me a client secret. To explain, if I were to use a client secret I would need to distribute it along with the source code. This is an obvious security risk and I am going to keep this project open source, hence this new method.

Unfortunatley, as of now, the Developer tokens have an expiration of three months. This means that you must create a new one every three months.

I have modified Feednix to help you with this. IT CANNOT DO THIS AUTOMATICALLY since developer tokens involve sending you an email to retrive them.

In addition, becuase it is using the Dev Tokens, it is thus using the Sandbox. This means that there is a rate limiting to the amount of requests that Feednix can make. If you use Feednix rarely you will probably be fine. If you use it often, however, you should consider disabling a few features to minimize the amount of requests. This includes having this in your config file:

  • markReadWhileScrolling : false
  • enablePersistentCount : false


Global Options

  • q : Exit
  • Vim Key mappings for navigation (j,k)
  • Tab : Switch between Posts and Categories Pane

Post List Options

  • Enter : open post preview
  • o (lower case) : Open post link in console (currently using w3m)
  • O (upwer case) : Open post link in Browser (user default)
  • r : Mark post read
  • u : Mark post unread
  • A : mark all posts read
  • R : Refresh category
  • = : Change sort type

Category List Options

  • Enter : Fetch Stream (Retrieve post by category)
  • A : Mark category read
  • R : Refersh highlighted category (Retrive post by category)


Please visit this page for details.


The follwoing only lists major updates. For everything in between please see the ChangeLog

Update for Ubuntu and Fedora users

An issue with seg faults on start up was reported and has now been resolved. This was due to a dependency conflict with libncursesw. Please reinstall the dependcies (which have been updated) and clone the Ubuntu-stable branch instead of the main.


  • You can now see an Unread Count for each categories
  • Added customizing options markReadWhileScrolling option
  • Moved some macros to const variables to avoid unecessary conversion
  • Cleaned up Curl operations in FeedlyProvider that were repetetive
  • Major code refactoring
  • Bug fixes


Once again many thanks to lejenome for the following:

  • fix panels array length
  • add travis-ci config file
  • use global TMPDIR var instead of class depend tmpdir var …
  • move tmpdir creation to FeedluProvider and use it for temp.txt file too
  • make update_statusline char* params const
  • minimaze updating info bar code into a common function
  • replace tabs with 8 spaces
  • add .gitignore file


Many thanks to lejenome for the following:

  • use $TMPDIR (mkdtemp) for preview.html file to avoid unneeded disk access
  • add a new panel to shown a quick preview for current selected item (html formated by w3m) instead of the need to open w3m for previews
  • add 3 new config options to add some interface tweaks (ctg_win_width: to change ctgWin width, view_win_height: to set viewWin height, view_win_height_per: to set viewWin height percent that can be used instead of the previous option and overwirte it)
  • fix unreading unreaded post when handling "u"
  • fix mark as read aleardy marked as read posts on "O" handling
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