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A clipboarding app to save recent copies
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I am done with this app i am no longer making changes to it, if you want to take it and modify it go ahead i dont care just be ready for the plethera of bugs that come with it.

Clippy Using Electron React BoilerPlate v(a0.83.7)


Android has it, why can't you?

Clippy is a dynamic clipboarding app that tracks everything you have copied, incuding images and text.

This app is in Alpha and has ALOT of bugs! But if you wish to download it anyways:

Email Me at: for a release, just ask which OS you want it for.

Patch notes as of v(a.0.64.9)

v(a0.64.9) Changes:

-- Updated package.json file to reflect more acurate version number

v(a0.74.9) Changes:

-- Added minimize button to window

v(a0.83.0) Changes:

-- Clippy now has the ability to connect to a server which saves all of your copies to be shared between devices(this feature will be off until the server comes online)

-- Clippy now records images copied to the clipboard

Known Bug: Copying high quality images can cause Clippy to slow down very badly and will require that you clear the contents of the copied images folder and restart your computer!

v(a0.83.5) Minor Changes:

-- Clippy no longer copies unecessary image text information

v(a0.83.7) Minor Changes:

-- Fixed a bug where Clippy would slow down dramatically if a high resolution image was copied to the Clipboard

v(a0.83.8) Minor Changes:

-- Clippy window now auto hides itself when you click away from it

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