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Scaffold buildout for new projects
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This buildout is meant to be a basis for all future Jarn project buildouts. Anyone, also people not working for Jarn, is free to use this buildout. It is provided as-is without any support or warranty.

Before using this buildout you should read through this document and get to know the practices it encourages.


This buildout has a policy distribution by that name included, which in turn contains exactly one Python package by the name policy.

All customer / site specific code, templates, CSS, translations and customizations are done inside that one package.

The buildout and the policy distribution are part of the same Git repository and tagged and deployed together. There's never any releases of the policy distribution.

All reusable functionality is developed in standalone projects, wired in via mr.developer for development. For production these will always get releases to PyPi or


The production buildout sets up Varnish, haProxy, two Zope instances and ZEO. Varnish is running on and the Plone site id should be Plone.

The development buildout sets up a Zope instance with a direct file storage also running on port 8080.


To get started do:

python2.6 -dc development.cfg
bin/buildout -c development.cfg
bin/instance fg


You can run tests for the policy package using:


In order to run coverage tests, use:


You can view the coverage results in the htmlcov directory via:

open htmlcov/index.html


To update the translation files, do:

sh src/policy/policy/
sh src/policy/policy/
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