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from string import maketrans
from re import compile, UNICODE
from Acquisition import aq_base
from unidecode import unidecode
from zope.component import queryUtility
from collective.solr.interfaces import ISolrConnectionConfig
def isActive():
""" indicate if the solr connection should/can be used """
config = queryUtility(ISolrConnectionConfig)
if config is not None:
return False
def activate(active=True):
""" (de)activate the solr integration """
config = queryUtility(ISolrConnectionConfig) = active
def setupTranslationMap():
""" prepare translation map to remove all control characters except
tab, new-line and carriage-return """
ctrls = trans = ''
for n in range(0, 32):
char = chr(n)
ctrls += char
if char in '\t\n\r':
trans += char
trans += ' '
return maketrans(ctrls, trans)
translation_map = setupTranslationMap()
def prepareData(data):
""" modify data according to solr specifics, i.e. replace ':' by '$'
for "allowedRolesAndUsers" etc; please note that this function
is also used while indexing, so no query-specific modification
should happen here! """
allowed = data.get('allowedRolesAndUsers', None)
if allowed is not None:
data['allowedRolesAndUsers'] = [r.replace(':', '$') for r in allowed]
language = data.get('Language', None)
if language is not None:
if language == '':
data['Language'] = 'any'
elif isinstance(language, (tuple, list)) and '' in language:
data['Language'] = [lang or 'any' for lang in language]
searchable = data.get('SearchableText', None)
if searchable is not None:
if isinstance(searchable, unicode):
searchable = searchable.encode('utf-8')
data['SearchableText'] = searchable.translate(translation_map)
simpleTerm = compile(r'^[\w\d]+$', UNICODE)
def isSimpleTerm(term):
if isinstance(term, str):
term = unicode(term, 'utf-8', 'ignore')
term = term.strip()
simple = bool(simpleTerm.match(term))
if simple and is_digit.match(term[-1]):
return False
return simple
operators = compile(r'(.*)\s+(AND|OR|NOT)\s+', UNICODE)
simpleCharacters = compile(r'^[\w\d\?\*\s]+$', UNICODE)
is_digit = compile('\d', UNICODE)
def isSimpleSearch(term):
term = term.strip()
if isinstance(term, str):
term = unicode(term, 'utf-8', 'ignore')
if not term:
return False
num_quotes = term.count('"')
if num_quotes % 2 == 1:
return False
if num_quotes > 1:
# replace the quoted parts of the query with a marker
parts = term.split('"')
# take only the even parts (i.e. those outside the quotes)
new_parts = []
for i in range(0, len(parts)):
if i % 2 == 0:
term = u''.join(new_parts)
if bool(operators.match(term)):
return False
if is_digit.match(term[-1]):
return False
if bool(simpleCharacters.match(term)):
return True
term = term.strip()
if not term:
return True
return False
wildCard = compile(r'^[\w\d\s*?]*[*?]+[\w\d\s*?]*$', UNICODE)
def isWildCard(term):
if isinstance(term, str):
term = unicode(term, 'utf-8', 'ignore')
return bool(wildCard.match(term))
def prepare_wildcard(value):
# wildcards prevent Solr's field analyzer to run. So we need to replicate
# all logic that's usually done in the text field.
# Unfortunately we cannot easily inspect the field analyzer and tokenizer,
# so we assume the default config contains ICUFoldingFilterFactory and hope
# unidecode will produce the same results
if not isinstance(value, unicode):
value = unicode(value, 'utf-8', 'ignore')
return str(unidecode(value).lower())
def findObjects(origin):
""" generator to recursively find and yield all zope objects below
the given start point """
traverse = origin.unrestrictedTraverse
base = '/'.join(origin.getPhysicalPath())
cut = len(base) + 1
paths = [base]
for idx, path in enumerate(paths):
obj = traverse(path)
yield path[cut:], obj
if hasattr(aq_base(obj), 'objectIds'):
for id in obj.objectIds():
paths.insert(idx + 1, path + '/' + id)
def padResults(results, start=0, **kw):
if start:
results[0:0] = [None] * start
found = int(results.numFound)
tail = found - len(results)
results.extend([None] * tail)