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Content Management Portlet is developed for uPortal to allow authorized users to administer content remotely. Using this portlet, content authors can remotely edit and publish content independently, and pull in and share existing data and re-purpose it according to different needs. Project supports multiple languages and further allows decoration of content with graphics, links, and templates.


  • Portlet will support two user categories: authors and viewers who publish and view content respectively.
  • Author shall use WYSIWYG editor to produce content. WYSIWYG editor shall provide navigational and keyboard support for users with disabilities.
  • All content will be checked and validated for XSS security issues, before any is published.
  • Authors currently are able to insert images, links and smiley icons into the content.
  • Portlet adheres to the portal theme and style.
  • Allow authors to choose templates for content.
  • Ability to upload multiple attachments along with the post, along with thumbnail views.
  • Ability to display video/audio attachments natively using HTML5 capabilities.
  • Ability to schedule posts to be published at a later date/time.
  • Ability to localize portlet content for multiple languages.
  • Allow a post to be rated by viewers.
  • Supports uPortal's search functionality through the Search API.


Adjust the paths in the file (portal, tomcat and maven directories). On the command line inside the project source directory, use the following command:

ant deploy

Once the build is successful, you should be able to browse to the $CATALINA_HOME/webapps and find the ContentManagementPortlet.war application file. (You do not need to run the deployPortetApp target for uPortal. The functionality is built-in).

Report Bugs

If you have encounter an issue, please submit an entry here: