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Feedback Portlet

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The portlet is a JSR-168 Spring PortletMVC portlet. It uses hibernate for its data store.

User feedback submission features:

  • Simple user UI for comment submission
  • Users may make their feedback anonymous, but the default is to collect user information
  • Automatically collect information about the user and his or her browser

Administrative feedback features:

  • Admin interface for viewing feedback with recent comments and overall stats summaries
  • Easily filter feedback by type or user role
  • Shortcuts for sending email to non-anonymous users
  • Excel data export
  • Optional listener to forward feedback submissions on to an email address

Possible future features:

  • forward a comment to a ticketing system
  • provide a flag to indicate if an admin has responded to the ticket


# Clone the repository
git clone

# Open the cloned folder
cd FeedbackPortlet

# Install maven dependencies and build
mvn install

# Navigate to uPortal folder
cd ../path/to/uportal

# Deploy Feedback Portlet to uPortal
ant deployPortletApp -DportletApp /path/to/../FeedbackPortlet/target/FeedbackPortlet.war