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Map Portlet

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The Map Portlet is a JSR-286 portlet includes an API for representing campus locations, including geo coordinates, addresses, categories, etc. Users can search/browse to find particular locations


  • Display Map with markers
  • API for representing campus locations
  • Search or Browse locations

Configuration Information

The portlet has one property file: and one map file: map.json

  1. Check out project from
  2. Configure src/main/resources/
  3. Run mvn install
  4. Deploy the war

Map Properties

Field Description
latitude latitude of location
longitude longitude of location
name Name of location. Displayed to user and available in searches
abbreviation Abbreviation of location. Displayed to user and available in searches
address Postal address of location
description Description to display to users when location is selected
img URL of image to display to user
searchText Do not specify. Field is constructed from name and abbreviation
searchKeys List of additional strings included in user searches
categories List of categories for 'Browse by category' function.

Portlet Preferences

Preference Name Default Description
apiKey API key to use for Google Maps
latitude 41.300937 Latitude to display for initial map view
longitude -72.932103 Longitude to display for initial map view
zoom 17
mapTypeControl true
panControl false
zoomControl true
streetView true
scaleControl true
rotateControl false
overviewControl false

Sample Data

The portlet has sample data in the webapp/demo directory