JSR-286 portlets for integration with Human Resources Systems
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Continuous Integration Status

This project uses Travis-CI.org for continuous integration. This means that every commit to master and every Pull Request is automatically built and the unit tests are automatically run. The below badge shows the current status of building the master branch (neat for display on the github page, less interesting if you're reading this README locally. :) )

Build Status

Local Setup Instructions

Property files

Several property files need to be configured for your local environment before the Portlet will run in your local uPortal server.

  • /hrs-portlets-webapp/src/main/resources/logback.xml
    • Update paths in file to where HRS portlet should write it's log files to.
  • /hrs-portlets-bnsemail-impl/src/mail/resources/
    • Copy EXAMPLE_bnsemail-placeholder.properties to bnsemail-placeholder.properties
    • Copy smime-keystore.jks into directory
    • Do Not add bnsemail-placeholder.properties OR smime-keystore.jks to source control (should be automatically ignored via local .gitignore)
  • /hrs-portlets-cypress-impl/src/mail/resources/
    • Copy EXAMPLE_cypress-placeholder.properties to cypress-placeholder.properties
    • Do Not add cypress-placeholder.properties to source control (should be automatically ignored via local .gitignore)
  • /hrs-portlets-ps-impl/src/mail/resources/
    • Copy EXAMPLE_ps-placeholder.properties to ps-placeholder.properties
    • Do Not add ps-placeholder.properties to source control (should be automatically ignored via local .gitignore)

Declaring the employee-id-conveying user attribute

The HRS Portlets need the logged in user's identifier for communicating about the user with the backing HRS systems. The portlets get this identifier from the portal as one or more user attributes. You'll need to both tell the portlets what user identifier to use and tell the portal to release those user attributes to the portlets.

Telling the portlet what attribute to use

There's a emplidUserAttributes portlet preference, multi-valued, the values of which are the names of user attributes the portlet should look in to resolve emplId. The demo default simply uses user.login.id which should always be available.

That's probably not your HRS identifier though. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's value for this preference looks more like this to cope with the multi-campus nature of the portal:


    <!-- the value or values here should be the user attributes providing HRS system user identifiers -->

(Ideally your portal configuration and identity management processes will digest this down to one simple attribute for your portal to feed to your portlets.)

You'll need to do this within each portlet declaration in portlet.xml, since each of the portlets uses this preference to figure out how to resolve the HRS employee identifier.

Telling the portal to release the attributes to the portlet

Also in portlet.xml you'll need to declare the user attributes relied upon by your portlets. These will be the user attributes you just told the portlets to look at in setting that emplidUserAttributes preference.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's user-attribute declarations are something like this:


Again, ideally carefully considered identity and portal management will have pre-digested this down to one simple attribute to feed to this portlet so you'll only be declaring one user-attribute.