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Open Registry
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Open Registry

What is OpenRegistry?

OpenRegistry is an OpenSource Identity Management System (IDMS). It's a place for data about people affiliated with your organization.

Core Functionality

  • Interfaces for web, batch, and real-time data transfer
  • Identity data store
  • Identity reconciliation from multiple systems of record
  • Identifier assignment for new, unique individuals

Why OpenRegistry?

  • "Off the shelf" solutions usually end up requiring significant customizations and integration work and/or solve only a portion of an institution's needs
  • Lots of institutions still rolling their own
  • Combined institutional efforts better leverage scant resources and allow for learning from others' experience (eg: Sakai, uPortal, CAS, Shibboleth, Kuali)
  • OpenRegistry is tailored to the needs of higher education

Building OpenRegistry using Maven2

Building OpenRegistry via the Maven2 system is simple. From within the PROJECT_HOME directory, execute the following command:

mvn clean package install

Generating the DDL for YOUR database

mvn hibernate3:hbm2ddl

For More Information

Open Registry Wiki Home

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