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Changes in version 1.3.5
Security Fixes:
* Fix possible authentication bypass in validateCAS20 [#228] (Gregory Boddin)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix file permissions (non-executable) [#177] (Remi Collet)
* Fixed translations Greek and Japanese [#192](ikari7789)
* Fix errors under phpdbg [#204] (MasonM)
* Fix logout replication error [#213] (Gregory Boddin)
* Add more debug info to logout code [#95] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Allow longer ticket >32 chars for PGTStorage [#130] (Joachim Fritchi)
* Improved verification of supplied CA arguments [#172] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Change minimum supported php version to 5.4 in documentation (Joachim Fritschi)
* Add message to CAS_Authentication_Exception [#197] (Baldinof)
* Ingnore composer related files and directories [#201] (greg0ire)
* Add setter for cas client [#206] (greg0ire)
* Add callback for attribute parsing [#205] (Gregory Boddin)
* Added setter for base url [#208] (LeopardDennis)
* Fix documentation of code documentation [#216] (erozqba)
* Improved https detection by HTTP_X_FORWARDED_Protocol [#220] (Gregory Boddin)
* Add language support for simplified chinese [#227] (phy25)
Changes in version 1.3.4
Security Fixes:
Bug Fixes:
* Mark auth call completed for post-auth callback [#131] (Daniel Frett)
* Remove typo CAS_TypeMismatchException [#133] (Gabrijel Gavranović)
* Fix SERVER_ADMIN error for alternate Webservers [#103] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Fix non-strict string comparision in _isHttps check [#139] (Brandon Peters)
* Fix setNoCasServerValidation for cURL 7.10 [#122] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Fix renew support [#93] (Joachim Fritschi)
* _getClientUrl() fixes with reverse proxies [#154] adongy
* Param type doc should be 'string' in CAS::logoutWithRedirectService() [#167] Chris McCafferty
* Fix broken class reference [#161] Joachim Fritschi
* Add phpCAS::isInitialized() API method [#112] (Adam Franco)
* select temporary directory based on env vars [#136) (Geoffroy Desvernay)
* Add gitattributes to reduce unnecessary files from composer installs. [#141] (Jon Dufresne)
* Allow cas endpoint to be a 'get url' [#146] (flushbi)
* Add documentation for phpCAS::$_PHPCAS_CLIENT [#156] (Sylvain)
* Improve https check [#139] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Add time to trace [#158] (cwsterling)
* Add php5.6 tests, move to faster docker env [#169] (Florian Holzhauer)
* Introduce a setVerbose() toggle to prevent debug info leaking in production [#152 #147] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.3.3
Security Fixes:
* CVE-2014-4172 Urlencode all tickets [#125] (Marvin Addison)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix CURL compatibility CURL >= 7.28.0 [#66] (adoy)
* Commit session before redirect [#79] (kakawait)
* Fix warnings for php => 5.5 [87] (fh)
* Update wrong wording in examples [#90] (misilot)
* Fixed bug in imap.php [#105] (echampet)
* Fix missing Server_Admin variable for nginex [#121](arianf)
* Fix error in TypeMismatchException [#123 ](Develle)
* Fix bug in https test [#126] (Florent Baldino)
* Fix grammar of documentation [#61] (frett)
* Improved testability of the phpCAS client [#7] (Adam Franco)
* Fixed typo [#70] (fh)
* Example for improved cookie hardening [#67] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Added support for X-Forwarded-Proto Header [#77] (Paul Donohue)
* Added composer support [#73] (dhyde)
* Travis for continuous integration [#82] (fh)
* Support for X-Forwared-Port [#100] (neopeak)
* Support for CAS 3.0 protocol [#116] (fredrik-w)
Changes in version 1.3.2
Security Fixes:
* CVE-2012-5583 Missing CN validation of CAS server certificate [#58] (Joachim Fritschi)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix broken character encoding in Greek and French [#40] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Minor error corrections in a few example files [] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Remove erroneous break statement [#44] (jbittel)
* Use X-Forwarded-Port [#45] (Andrew Kirkpatrick)
* Stop autoloader using set_include_path [#51/#52] (drysdaleb)
* Fix undefined property in the rebroadcast code [#47] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Enable getCookies on a proxied sevices [#56] (Adam Franco)
Changes in version 1.3.1
Bug Fixes:
* Readd PEAR support to the package [#30] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix a __autoload conflicts in the autoloader [#36] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix PEAR code style errors [25] (Joachim Fritschi)
* properly unset variables during checkAuthenticate[#35] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.3.0
* enable single sign-out when session has already started [#29] (Benvii)
Changes in version 1.3.0RC1
Bug Fixes:
* the saml logout url should be parsed urlencoded [#24] (dlineate)
* fix a proxy mode bug introduced in a previous comitt [#16] (Adam Franco)
* Fix include_path order so that the phpCAS path takes precedence [#13] (Adam Franco)
* fix invalid characters in the php session naming [#17] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix an initialisation problem introduced in the PGT storage [18] (Daniel Frett)
* make sure the PGTStorage object is initialized if a user is utilizing the createTable method [#4] (Daniel Frett)
* Fix error message in phpCAS::setCacheTimesForAuthRecheck() [PHPCAS-132/#1] (Bradley Froehle)
* Always return attributes in utf8 [PHPCAS-102]
* Fix warning during debugging if debug is set to false [PHPCAS-123] (Sean Watkins)
New Features:
* Add a script to create the PGT db table in proxy mode [#11] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Switch to the Apache License [#5] (Adam Franco, Joachim Fritschi)
* Move to github and add all necessary file to package [#12] (Adam Franco)
* New build process for github [#12] (Adam Franco)
* Update unit tests to work with the lastest phpunit version [PHPCAS-128] (Adam Franco)
* Refacatoring of the protocol decision making to allow validation of proxied usage [PHPCAS-69] (Joachim Fritschi, Adam Franco)
* Rebroadcast of logout and pgtiou to support clustered phpcas [PHPCAS-100] (Matthew Selwood, Adam Franco)
* Improved cookie handling [] (Adam Franco
* Indent, format and user name guidelines of PEAR [#14] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Add a class autoloading feature [PHPCAS-125/#8] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Remove global variables [PHPCAS-126] (Adam Franco)
* Implementation of an exception framework to allow gracefull termination [PHPCAS-109] (Joachim Fritschi)
Security Fixes:
* CVE-2012-1104 validate proxied usage of a service [PHPCAS-69] (Joachim Fritschi, Adam Franco)
* CVE-2012-1105 change the default PGT save path to the session storage path and set proper permissions [#22] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.2.2
Bug Fixes:
* Improve compatibility with php < 5.3 for E_USER_DEPRECATED [PHPCAS-116] (Hugh Eaves)
Changes in version 1.2.2RC1
Bug Fixes:
* CASClient::getURL() cannot be private [PHPCAS-103] (Joachim Fritschi)
* CASClient::getServerServiceValidateURL() doesn't respect existing query strings [PHPCAS-104] (Bradley Froehle, Joachim Fritschi)
* CASClient::retrievePT() must be a public function [PHPCAS-107] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Expose setNoClearTicketsFromUrl() to the client [PHPCAS-108] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Remove the PGT filestorage in xml format that is not implemented [PHPCAS-112] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Fix compatibility of the PGT db storage interface with postgres [PHPCAS-113] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Support for proxied POST requests. [PHPCAS-90] (Adam Franco)
* Add missing example for the new pgt-db storage [PHPCAS-101] (Joachim Fritschi)
* CASClient::getServerLoginURL(): Don't cache gateway/renew parameters [PHPCAS-105] (Bradley Froehle)
* fix parsing of cookies with special symbols in their values [PHPCAS-106] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Removal of the debug_backtrace hack for php4 [PHPCAS-110] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Clean up the naming structure of the classes [PHPCAS-111] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Better debug log output format [PHPCAS-114] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Many more examples and one central config. Improved code documentation [PHPCAS-86] (Joachim Fritschi, Adam Franco)
Changes in version 1.2.1
* None
Changes in version 1.2.1RC1
* add support for storing PGTs in a database [PHPCAS-94] (Daniel Frett)
Bug Fixes
* phpCAS::setDebug(FALSE) should stop logging [PHPCAS-95] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix checkAuthenticate return value documentation [PHPCAS-92] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix PGTStorage contructor name [PHPCAS-93] (Daniel Frett)
* fix the PHPCAS_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE constant [PHPCAS-91] (Daniel Frett)
* fix redirection with multiple proxies in HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST [PHPCAS-98] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix some undefinde variable warnings in debug mode [PHPCAS-96] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.2.0
* None
Changes in version 1.2.0RC2
* add callback hooks during authentication and single sign-out [PHPCAS-76] (Adam Franco)
Changes in version 1.2.0RC1
* add hasAttribute($key) and getAttribute($key) [PHPCAS-43] (Adam Franco)
* add unit tests for cas 2.0 attribute support [PHPCAS-88] (Adam Franco)
* expose the proxy chain through the phpcas interface [PHPCAS-89] (Adam Franco)
* add deprecation messages to the logout functions with an url parameter [PHPCAS-85] (Joachim Fritschi)
Bug Fixes
* fix public/private modifier for some functions [PHPCAS-87] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.2.0-beta1
Bug Fixes
* fix redirection behind a proxy. [PHPCAS-78] (Alex Barker)
* remove the bogus setCasServerCert() function and clean up the curl ssl settings [PHPCAS-84] (Joachim Fritschi)
* mark the logout functions with an url parameter a deprecated [PHPCAS-85] (Joachim Fritschi)
* add public/private modifier for all vars and functions [PHPCAS-77] (Joachim Fritschi)
* add a testing framwork that implement on and offline testing capabilities [PHPCAS-66] (Adam Franco)
* add RFC compliant cookie storage for the proxy() mode. [PHPCAS-54] (Adam Franco)
* removal of the domxml compatibility lib [PHPCAS-72] (Matthew Brooks, Joachim Fritschi)
* add support for attributes for the cas_2.0 protocol [PHPCAS-43] (Joachim Fritschi, Adam Franco)
* removal of unused code and comments [PHPCAS-63] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix static function warnings for php 5.x [PHPCAS-46] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.3
Bug Fixes
* removal of the non functional pgt-db backend [PHPCAS-65] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.3RC1
Security Issue
* CVE-2010-3690 phpCAS: XSS during a proxy callback [PHPCAS-80] (Joachim Fritschi)
* CVE-2010-3691 phpCAS: prevent symlink attacks during a proxy callback [PHPCAS-80] (Joachim Fritschi)
* CVE-2010-3692 phpCAS: directory traversal during a proxy callback [PHPCAS-80] (Joachim Fritschi)
Bug Fixes
* fix missing $this in domxml-php4-to-php5 [PHPCAS-73] (Iñaki Arenaza)
* fix broken redirection with safari [PHPCAS-79] (Alex Barker)
* fix missing exit() call during ticket validation [PHPCAS-76] (Igor Blanco,Joachim Fritschi)
* fix a notice because REQUEST_URL is not defined on IIS [PHPCAS-81] (Iñaki Arenaza)
* fix a typo in pgt-db.php [PHPCAS-75] (Julien Cochennec)
* upgrade domxml-php4-to-php5 to the newest version [PHPCAS-74] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.2
* None
Changes in version 1.1.2RC2
Bug Fixes
* Prevent domxml-php4-to-php5 to be inclueded twice [PHPCAS-48] (Brad Krane)
Changes in version 1.1.2RC1
Security Issue
* Fix a session hijacking hole CVE-2010-2795 [PHPCAS-61] (Joachim Fritschi)
* callbackurl in proxy mode should be urlencoded CVE-2010-2796 [PHPCAS-67] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Debuglog contains phpCAS version information [PHPCAS-62] (Joachim Fritschi)
Bug Fixes
* Fix warnings for SAML responses without attributes [PHPCAS-59] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Fix duplicate SAML debug output [PHPCAS-64] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Providing a new ST/PT/SA during an authenticated session will be ignored
and a warning will be issued to the debug log. [PHPCAS-61] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fix 2 undefinded variable notices in serviceWeb() [PHPCAS-68] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.1
* On Single Sign Out destroy any existing application session before deleting the phpcas session [PHPCAS-58] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.1RC2
Bug fixes
* Fix bug in handling urls containing parameters without values [PHPCAS-57] (Joe Lencioni)
* New XSS patch for PHPCAS-52 that was undone in r48507 [PHPCAS-57] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.1RC1
Bug fixes
* Fix bug in restoring an existing session [PHPCAS-55] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0
* Replace deprecated split() with explode(). [PHPCAS-42] (Joe Lencioni)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC8
Bug fixes
* Add additional comments regarding the use of serviceValidate and proxyValdiate [PHPCAS-44] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Revert all changes made to the ticket parsing in r47347 r48210 [PHPCAS-44] (Joachim Fritschi)
* Fix warning when destroying uninitialized session [PHPCAS-53] (Yann Richard,Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC7
Security fixes
* Fix XSS Vulnerability. Sanatize parameters before using the url submitted by a client [PHPCAS-52] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC6
Bug fixes
* restore any possible old session before renaming the session [PHPCAS-50] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC5
Bug fixes
* fixed don't destroy existing sessions unless needed, more debug output [PHPCAS-50] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC4
Bug fixes
* fixed use PHP4 functions to parse saml11 attributes [PHPCAS-51] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC3
Bug fixes
* added a check for missing params [PHPCAS-42] (Joachim Fritschi)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC2
New features
* added custom validation Urls [PHPCAS-45] (Joachim Fritschi).
Bug fixes
* fixed PGT DB storage parameter list [PHPCAS-47] (Paul Merchant, Jr.)
* fixed parsing of STs [PHPCAS-44] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fixed session initialisation [PHPCAS-50] (Joachim Fritschi)
* fixed urls with than one query parameter [PHPCAS-42] (Caio Chassot)
Changes in version 1.1.0RC1
New features
* added SAML support [PHPCAS-40] (Brian Long and Matthias Crauwels).
Bug fixes
* fixed invalid validation URLs [PHPCAS-39] (Alex Danieli).
* removed old PHP4 references [PHPCAS-41] (Yann Richard).
* fixed curl options [PHPCAS-38] (Andy Cowling).
* added accept IP addresses for allowed clients [PHPCAS-37] (Arunas Stockus)
Changes in version 1.0.2RC1
Bug fixes
* fix redirections masking error messages [PHPCAS-36] (Olivier Berger)
* fixed validatePGT() failing on phpCAS::traceBegin() with newer domxml-php4-to-php5.php [PHPCAS-35] (Olivier Berger)
* Fixed missing exit() at end of callback() method [PHPCAS-34] (Olivier Berger)
* Update included domxml-php4-php5.php to most recent version now under LGPL [PHPCAS-30] (Olivier Berger)
* fixed empty $target_service in CAS_Client:serviceMail [PHPCAS-22] (Julien Marchal).
Changes in version 1.0.1
Bug fixes
* fixed PEAR base install directory [PHPCAS-28] (Brett Bieber).
* fixed illegal characters in session id [PHPCAS-29] (Michael Ströder, Brett Bieber).
* fixed refresh with ticket causes authentication failure [related to PHPCAS-27] (Brett Bieber).
* fixed conflict with custom session handlers [PHPCAS-26] (Martin Gonzalez).
Changes in version 1.0.0
New features
* phpCAS is now PEAR-installable (Brett Bieber).
* added method handleLogoutRequests() to handle logout requests incoming from the CAS server (Julien Marchal and Pascal Aubry, requested by Craig Andrews).
* added methods setHttpProxy(), setNetworkInterface() and setExtraCurlOptions() (Stéphane Gully).
* removed undesirable notice (Glennie Vignarajah).
* removed PEAR DB dependency when storing PGTs to the filesytem (Stéphane Gully).
Changes in version 0.6.0
New features
* added methods setCasServerCert() and setCasServerCaCert() to authenticate the CAS server, and method setNoCasServerValidation() to skip the SSL checks (Pascal Aubry, requested by Andrew Petro).
* Added spanish and catalan translations (Ivan Garcia).
Bug fix
* fixed PGT storage path on Windows (Olivier Thebault).
Changes in version 0.5.1
New features
* restored method isAuthenticated() (Julien Marchal).
Changes in version 0.5.0
New features
* added japanese translation (Noriyuki Fukuoka).
* added german translation (Henrik Genssen).
* phpCAS now works for CAS v3 proxy tickets (Matt Zukowski).
* phpCAS now also works with lighttpd (Marvin Addison)
Bug fixes
* fixed method setHTMLFooter() (Noriyuki Fukuoka).
* fixed method setHTMLHeader() (Xavier Castanho).
* fixed method isHttps() (Henrik Genssen).
* fixed method PGTStorageDB() (Ray Lambe).
* encode all the parameters, not only '&' characters (Matthew Debus).
* fixed ST proxy tickets (Julien Marchal).
Changes in version 0.4.23
* removed notice messages (David Lowry).
Changes in version 0.4.22
Bug fix
* added default value for parameter gateway in methods setServerLoginUrl() and redirectToCas() (Velpi).
New Feature
* added method isSessionAuthenticated() (Brendan Arnold).
Other change
* removed the call to error_reporting() to allow the configuration of error reporting at server level (Pascal Aubry, requested by Sylvain Derosiaux).
Changes in version 0.4.21
Bug fix
* some URLs were ill-formed in some rare circumstances (Jérôme Andrieux).
New Feature
* added methods setServerLoginURL() and setServerLogoutURL() (Wyman Chan).
Changes in version 0.4.20
New feature
* phpCAS::checkAuthentication() implements the gateway feature of CAS (Pascal Aubry, requested by Romuald Lorthioir).
Other change
* phpCAS::authenticateIfNeeded() was renamed phpCAS::forceAuthentication() (Pascal Aubry).
Changes in version 0.4.19
New features
* the service URL for the CAs server can be fixed with method phpCAS::setFixedServiceURL (Julien Marchal).
* the callback URL used to receive PGTs can be fixed with method phpCAS::setFixedCallbackURL() (Julien Marchal).
* added a CAS_Client wrapper to class phpCAS for method retrievePGT() (Julien Marchal).
Changes in version 0.4.18
Bug fixes
* debugging information was missing (Alexandre Boisseau).
* used an undefined variable in pgt-file.php (Alexandre Boisseau).
Changes in version 0.4.17
* made phpCAS PHP5 compliant (Vangelis Haniotakis).
Changes in version 0.4.16
* added the possibility not to start the session management (Vangelis Haniotakis).
Changes in version 0.4.15
* added a hack to make phpCAS work with IIS (Vangelis Haniotakis).
Changes in version 0.4.14
* a URL can be given to the CAS server on logout (Sébastien Gougeon and Yann Richard).
Changes in version 0.4.13
Bug fix
* Removed infinite loop in debug mode (Robert Legros).
Changes in version 0.4.12
* phpCAS now works even if the web server does not set SERVER_NAME, by relying on HTTP_HOST (Terence Chiu).
Changes in version 0.4.11
Bug fix
* A typo prevented ticket validation to work correctly (Robert Legros).
Changes in version 0.4.10
* phpCAS was previously working with PHP >= 4.3.0. A debug_backtrace() wrapper was added and get_elements_by_tagname() calls were modified to make phpCAS work with phpCAS >= 4.2.2 (Robert Legros).
Changes in version 0.4.9
New features
* Added greek translation (Haniotakis Vangelis).
Changes in version 0.4.8
* PEAR's DB.php inclusion is done only if a DB class was not already included. This eases the integration into some stand-alone tools that already include DB.php, like Tikiwiki (Pascal Aubry, requested by Terence Chiu).
Changes in version 0.4.7
* PHP session is now destroyed when using the phpCAS::logout() method (Pascal Aubry, requested by Ruben Recaba).
* Call getenv() whenever possible instead of directly dealing with environment variables (with $_ENV['xxx']), as $_ENV is not available par default on some Windows systems (Pascal Aubry).
* Set error reporting level to E_ALL ~ E_NOTICE (Pascal Aubry).
* Added the release number in the name of the main directory of the zip distribution file (Pascal Aubry, requested by Vincent Mathieu).
* Explicitly set certificate control to get round with different curl default configurations (Wyman Chan).
Changes in version 0.4.6
Security bug fix
* Credentials given to HTTP realms were given in the service URLs to the CAS server (Julien Marchal).
* phpCAS now works behind an Apache reverse proxy (Julien Marchal).
Changes in version 0.4.5
* Developer releasing is now made by ant (Pascal Aubry).
Bug fixes
* CAS/PGTStorage files have been renamed to fit to Windows case insensitivity (Pascal Aubry);
* %TMP% and %TEMP% environment variables are now taken into account to set the location of the log file (Pascal Aubry).
Changes in version 0.4.4
* ticket retrieval and validation is now made with curl (Pascal Aubry).
Changes in version 0.4.3
Bug fix
* phpCAS was not exiting right after redirecting in callback mode (Julien Marchal)
Changes in version 0.4.2
New features
* Authentication checking is not necessarily redirecting to the CAS server (introduced phpCAS::isAuthenticated()) (Pascal Aubry)
* phpCAS can now be used to access IMAP/POP3/NNTP services (cf phpCAS::serviceMail()) (Pascal Aubry)
* debugging informations has been improved and is now send to a separate file (/tmp/phpCAS.log by default, can be changed by phpCAS::setDebug()) (Pascal Aubry)
* phpCAS::authenticate() is replaced by phpCAS::authenticateIfNeeded() (semantics unchanged) (Pascal Aubry)
* phpCAS::service() is replaced by phpCAS::serviceWeb() (semantics unchanged) (Pascal Aubry)
* phpCAS::setDebug() accepts FALSE (to stop debugging) or the name of a file (to log informations) (Pascal Aubry)
Changes in version 0.4.1
New features
* Sessionning between CAS proxies and services (Pascal Aubry)
Changes in version 0.4
New features
* CAS proxies can be chained (Pascal Aubry)
* improved error printing and debugging (introduced phpCAS::error()) (Pascal Aubry)
* proxy parameter removed from phpCAS::client() and introduced phpCAS::proxy() (Pascal Aubry)
* moved history from CAS/doc.php to history.php (create_version script updated accordingly) (Pascal Aubry)
* improved type-checking and controls for phpCAS methods (Pascal Aubry)
Changes in version 0.3.2
New features
* CAS proxies now work with HTTP (HTTPS only used for callbacks) (Pascal Aubry)
Changes in version 0.3.1
Bug fixes
* syntax error in CAS/Client.php (Julien Marchal)
Changes in version 0.3
New features
* CAS proxies are now supported (but no PGT retrieving for proxied client) (Pascal Aubry)
* introduced phpCAS container (Pascal Aubry)
Bug fixes
* CAS_LANG_DEFAULT is now taken into account (Pascal Aubry)
* support for PGT storage to databases (Pascal Aubry)
* PGT retrieving for proxied clients (Pascal Aubry)
Version 0.2
Features (Pascal Aubry)
* `Basic' (1.0) CAS mechanism supported (CAS proxies not implemented)
* Support for CAS versions 1.0 and 2.0 URL's
* Debug mode
* Customization of all output pages
* Internationalization (english and french, looking for translators...)