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Quake Bot Archive

The goal of this project is to archive all versions of all Quake bots (QuakeC modifications).


Quake is a computer game released by id Software in mid 1996. The source code (QuakeC) that controls the game was released shortly after.

A Quake bot mod is a third-party modification to the Quake game code to introduce intelligent non-playable characters, typically opponents for deathmatch play.

Quake bots represent a historical breakthrough in computer game artificial intelligence (e.g. opponents that act like human players) and are also a lot of fun to play (e.g. a multiplayer game can be enjoyed as a singleplayer game).

Quake bot mods were mostly developed between 1996 and 2000 and were hosted on a tangle of third-party websites. Most of these websites have disappeared over the last 25 years, along with many bot mods themselves. This is a terrible loss!

This project seeks to (1) locate, (2) archive, and (3) host all versions of all Quake bot modifications in their original distributed form.

If you have backups of old Quake bots, you can help.

Quake Bot Genealogy

Estimated Quake bot genealogy.

Quake Bot Genealogy

Quake Bot List

Alphabetical list of Quake bot names, authors, and local download links for all bots in the bin/ directory.

Bot Name Bot Author(s) File
Abandon All Hope (Cujo) John McClure (txt) (txt)
Accuracy FMOD (Frogbot) Algirdas Kepezinskas aka "ZeCybEr"
Ache (Frikbot) Athos Konkoran Kryn
Arena Kooliobot Robert de Heus aka "Koolio"
Asdf's FMOD (Frogbot) Matt McChesney aka "asdf"
Attacker Jonathan Geary (txt)
Awesome (Warbot) Brett King aka "BulkA" awesome.7z
AxxWars (Cujo, Eliminator) Akke Monasso (txt)
Battle Mech (Frikbots) Dan Hale aka "Wazat"
battlemech-1.1.tar.gz (txt)
Best Of Void (Frikbot) Dan Hale aka "Wazat"
BGADM Bot George Leithner aka "Detour" (txt)
BGBot Robert DeFilippo III aka "Punisher" (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Borg Bot Calvin Rien (txt)
Bot 'N Bits (BGBot) Sam Marshallsay aka "Flux" (txt)
Bot Hunt Douglas H. King aka "Sea4" (txt)
Bot Player (BPlayer) Wolfgang Lehrach aka "Wolf" (txt)
BotArena (FrikBot) Fabiano D. Amorim aka "Vegetous"
BotSkin Warren Cheung aka "WACko" (txt) (txt) (txt)
BrBot "DRaKuLL" brbot.7z
BuddyBot "Parsec"
Catch The Shrimp "SkinSki"
ClanBots "slug"
CoopBot Michael Messina
Cronos Bot "Cronos" (txt)
CTF Bot Drew Davidson aka "BZ" (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
CTF Plugin (Frikbot) Dan Hale aka "Wazat"
CTFBot+ Anthony Distler aka "*this"
Cujo and Grapple (Cujgrap) Xavier Javornicki (txt)
Cujo Jonathan E. Wright (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Dark Frogbot "Pinsolle"
Darkbot Terry Hendrix aka "Dark_Skye" darkbot-fnl-q2.tar.gz (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
DarkCTF Bot Terry Hendrix aka "Dark_Skye"
darKMajick (Wraith Bot) Brendan McArdle aka "Nightbringer" (txt) (txt)
DeathBot James Boswell aka "FlashFire" (txt)
Demon Tag Bots "SkinSki"
Demonshooter "Shootermaster" (txt)
DJBot Dave James aka "DJ"
DM Bot Nathaniel Gorham (txt)
DOBBSBot Stephen Dobbs
Doombot Roscoe A. Sincero aka "Legion" (txt)
Drastic Reaper Bot Mark Wheeler (txt)
Drop Quad/Ring (Frogbot) Brian Mathiasen aka "EraZoR"
EdBot Edward Dawson aka "HotCakes"
ELFBOt "SkinSki" aka "MauveBib"
Eliminator Bot (CBot) Cameron B. Newham (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Eliminator Bot v1 Jonathan Down aka "Perged" (txt)
Eliminator Bot v2 Jonathan Down aka "Perged" and P. T. Craig aka "FuzzKatT" (txt)
Estep Bot (EsTePBot) Enrique Gonzalez Alonso aka "EsTePaRiO" (txt)
FEAR (Cujo) Jon (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Frag Bot Richard Peacock aka "The Goat" (txt)
FrikBot + Artifact Quake (Runebot) Chuck Parsons runebot-8-27-03.exe
Frikbot + CTF Benjamin Darling aka "Electro"
FrikBot + Deathmatch Essentials Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Dissolution of Eternity Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Final Arena Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Head Hunters Chuck Parsons
FrikBot + Holy Wars Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Last Man Standing Raymond Martineau
FrikBot + MidAir Alexey Pakhomov aka "ParboiL"
FrikBot + PainKeep Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + PerQuake Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + QuakeWorld Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + QW Vwep Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Rhino's Ultimate Quake Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Rocket Arena Raymond Martineau
FrikBot + Scourge of Armagon Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot + Zerstorer Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot X DreamCast (FBXDC) Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
FrikBot X+ (FBX+) Igor9
FrikBot X++ (FBX++) Joel Baxter aka "Johnny Law"
FrikBot Ryan Smith aka "Frika C"
Frikbot4 Will Scarlet aka "whipowill"
Frogbot + Clan Arena (FBCA) "Baker"
Frogbot + Clan Arena (FBCA) Alexey Pakhomov aka "ParboiL"
Frogbot + Clan Arena (FBCA) Matt McChesney aka "Asdf"
Frogbot + Clan Arena (FBCA) Rui Neto aka "Trinca" qwprogs379.rar
Frogbot + Clan Arena + Kombat Teams Alexey Pakhomov aka "ParboiL"
Frogbot + CTF (FBCTF) Gerard Ryan aka "numb"
Frogbot + Holy Wars Gerard Ryan aka "numb and Paolo Perrotta aka "Nusco"
Frogbot + QuakeWorld Rich Whitehouse aka "thefatal"
Frogbot + Rocket Arena (Amiga) Christian Michael aka "surgeon" fbotarena.lha (txt)
fbotarena_b.lha (txt)
Frogbot + Rocket Arena Alexey Pakhomov aka "ParboiL"
Frogbot + Rocket Arena Brian Mathiasen aka "Erazor"
Frogbot 2000 Dennis de Boer aka "Justice"
Frogbot BotMatch Arena Alex aka "DmSouL" (txt)
Frogbot Deathmatch Alexey Pakhomov aka "ParboiL"
FrogBot ModPack Mario Rillmann aka "Neophyte"
Frogbot Special Edition Brian Mathiasen aka "Erazor"
Frogbot Robert Field aka "Frog" (txt)
Fun With Dogz (BGBot, Cujo) Thomas Hansen (txt)
dogfun17.txt (txt) (txt)
Gideon Bot Matthew Turvey (txt)
GlacierBot Rainier Rapera aka "IceDagger"
GuardBot Peter van Wingerden (txt)
GYPObot Stephen Dobbs
Hellsmash (Frikbot) Khin Mannering aka "Dr. Shadowborg" qsr04apatch1.7z
Holo Soldier FMOD (Frogbot) Algirdas Kepezinskas aka "ZeCybEr"
Human Bot (Hbot) Jeffrey Lee
Indecisive Bot (Gyrobot) Aaron Logue aka "Gyro Gearloose" (txt)
Insane (Cujo) "RedChipolata" (txt)
IronWulvt's Deathmatch Bot Ben Garrod aka "IronWulvt" (txt) (txt)
JBot Jeffrey Lee
Jeht (Frikbots) Dan Hale aka "Wazat"
Kagero Bot "The Kwanster"
KALQuake (Wisp) Kenneth Livingston aka "-=CT=-KALWeb " (txt) (txt)
KarNag Bot Ken Madlener aka "Kenzer" (txt)
Khol's FMODS (Frogbot) "Khol"
Killer Qcbot William Ravaine aka "Killer-Sub" (txt)
Killer Quake Pack (KQP) (Zeus, Cujo) Howard Roy aka "Solo" (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Kommando Kwake (Reaper) Andreas M. and Stefan M.
Kooliobot Robert de Heus aka "Koolio"
Lightning Gun Competition (LGC) (Frogbot) Phil Romov aka "peheyele"
Lithium CTF Bot Juan Ignacio Rava aka "Johnny"
LoydBot Loyd aka "Juninho"
Lurkerz (DMBot) Ron Goff and Jon Little (txt)
Madness (DMBot) Tim Ivers aka "The Crow" (txt) (txt)
Maniac Gunz (BGBot, Cujo) Thomas Hansen aka "Grim Reaper" (txt) (txt)
MaNiAc's FMOD (Frogbot) Michael Turitzin aka "MaNiAc"
MaNiAcBot Michael Turitzin aka "MaNiAc" (txt)
Mathfrag (Frikbot) Khin Mannering aka "Dr. Shadowborg"
MegaBot "Vic"
Midair Bots Benjamin Darling aka "Electro" and "Vomit" midair_qwbot.rar
Motd FMOD (Frogbot) Algirdas Kepezinskas aka "ZeCybEr"
Multi-Mode Rocket (Cujo) Christopher Fitch (txt)
MyBot Stephen Vanterpool (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Navy SEALs (Squad Bots) William van der Sterren
Nirvana (Frikbot) Christopher Dozier a.k.a "Arwing"
ObotArena (Amiga) (Omicron) Christian Michael aka "surgeon" obotarena.lha
Ogre Bot "Lava Man" (txt)
Olofs QC Collection (Wisp) Olof Svensson (txt)
Omicron Bot Jan Paul van Waveren aka "Mr. Elusive" and Miklos de Rijk aka "H2SO4"
Omicron Fixes Joel Baxter aka "Johnny Law"
Optimized Frogbot (Amiga) Christian Michael aka "surgeon" frogbot.lha (txt)
Orion Team Fortress (OrionTF) (OrionBots) "Orion"
OrionBots "Orion"
Paddybot Patrick Stimson aka "sniper"
Paroxysm (POXbot) (Tutorbot) Frank Condello aka "pOx"
Prodigy Server Engine (XBots) (Reaper) David Rodgers
Quake Bot (QBot) Muhammad Hidayat Bin Sman aka "Grinder" (txt)
Quake Dodgeball (OrionBots) Brendan aka "Trickle" and "Orion"
Quake Soccer Orion
QuakeC Add-On Pack (QCAP) Rich Whitehouse aka "thefatal" (txt)
QuakePlus (Reaper) Alexander Vinnikova aka "plus" (txt)
R Bot Ross Johnson aka "ColdKill" (txt) (txt)
RABot Rodrigo Marx aka "Shooter"
Rail Arena Bots "Mauve'Bib" aka "SkinSki" and "Ralpha"
Ranger Bot John Dean aka "Maleficus" (txt)
Reaper + DM4 Daniel Hein aka "Hades" (txt)
Reaper + Painkeep Bent Svendsen aka "Decker" (txt)
Reaper + Scourge of Armagon Bent Svendsen aka "Decker" (txt)
Reaper Bot Steven Polge (txt) (txt) (txt)
ReaperFX Bot Paul Johnstone aka "Pob the Impaler" (txt)
Reformed Reaper Bot "win32ch"
Requiem + QW Alexander Fiedler aka "Requiem"
Requiem Alexander Fiedler aka "Requiem" (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Ric's Reaper Bots "Ric"
Rise of the Baron (Cujo) Jason Avery (txt)
Roam Bot Carson Sutton aka "Crimson" (txt)
Rogue Bot (Reaper) Benjamin Darling aka "Electro"
Rumble 2: GuardBot's Challenge Christopher Dozier "Arwing-X" (txt)
SAM-FraG (BGBot) "SpiderMonkie" (txt)
SamBot Sam Stephens aka "Spam-man" (txt)
Seeker Falcon Nick Bousman aka "SiNGE", Glenn Saaiman aka "Griphis" (txt)
Shambler Bot Jason Long aka "Zaphod" (txt)
Sigmund Bot Rich Whitehouse aka "thefatal"
SkyBlazer Darryl Atchison aka "coffee" (txt)
SnowCrest's Quake Server Mods (Cujo) Philip Engdahl aka "Grimorden"
Square Bot Ashley Reynolds aka "Ze0"
Squirt Bot Michael Buettner aka "Squirt"
SuPeRMan Bot "(KSA)Tekken"
Swimming Bot (Swimbot) Greg Fukui aka "baloo the bear" (txt)
Target Player Place (Place Bot) Steve Winston-Brown aka "Vengence" (txt) (txt)
Tballman Jeff Curley aka "Mother" (txt)
TD2 Mech Bot ?
Team FMOD (Frogbot) "Shelob"
Team Fortress (TFBot) Jeff aka "wattsup"
Team Fortress (TFBot) Joern Strombach aka "Nexus"
Team Fortress (TFBot) Wolfgang Lehrach aka "RainKing" (txt)
Team Fortress + Frikbot (Frik-TF) Raymond Martineau
Team Fortress + Tutor Darryl Atchison aka "coffee"
Team Fortress Bot Valery Schedrin aka "Forthpick"
TeamTalk+ FMOD (Frogbot) Algirdas Kepezinskas aka "ZeCybEr"
The Alf Bjorn-Erik Solli aka "Jack O. Trade"
The Lone Gunmen QuakeBOT (Larva) James Cullen aka "Jaymz" and Chris Cullen aka "Incubus" (txt)
The Moron Bot Rich Whitehouse aka "thefatal"
The Oak John Crickett and Neil Henderson (txt)
TM Bot Micheal Polucha and Tim Polucha (txt) (txt)
Total Destruction Bot (TDBot) Rodrigo Marx aka "Shooter"
TrevBot Kris O'Shea (txt)
Tutor Bot + Holy Wars Connor Caple aka "RiEvEr"
Tutor Bot + Malice (Amiga) Christian Michael aka "surgeon" malicemod.lha (txt)
Tutor Bot + Rocket Arena Connor Caple aka "RiEvEr"
Tutor Bot Darryl Atchison aka "coffee"
Ultimate Deathmatch (Frikbot) Alex Shadowalker
Ultimate Devastation (Reaper) Malcolm Lim (txt)
Ultimate Regular Quake Patch (URQP) (Frikbot) Matthias Buecher aka "Maddes"
Ultimate Weapons Mod (Zeus) Andy Brennan (txt)
UnknownBot Brian L.
Upgrade Quake (Cujo) "The Wanderer", "Spectre" (txt)
UrreBot Marko Permanto aka "Urre"
Vari-Patch (DMBot) Chris Millward (txt) (txt) (txt)
VeNgAb0T "WuPP"
Vicinity Bot "Black"
Victim Bot Tony Tang aka "The TangMaster" (txt)
WarBot Muhammad Hidayat Bin Sman aka "Grinder" (txt) (txt)
Wisp Iikka Paavolainen (txt)
WLBot Kualker Koisa aka "Matador" wlbot21.7z
Wyrm (Cujo) Josep del Rio (txt) (txt) (txt)
XKteams (Frikbot) Mark
Xreaper Ruud Heemskerk aka "Mephisto"
Zeus Bot Jonathan E. Wright aka "Nelno the Amoeba" (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt) (txt)
Zeus Hunt (Rumble) Christopher Dozier "Arwing-X" (txt) (txt)


Perhaps you can help to make this archive more complete.

  • Do you have a copy of a missing Quake bot file?
  • Do you know about a Quake bot missing from the archive?
  • Do you know a Quake bot author's real name or how to contact them?

Please email Jason Brownlee via


Lists of known files missing from the archive.


This quake bot archive would not be as complete as it is without the generousness help from the Quake community.

Special thank you to: John Crickett, Joel Baxter aka "Johnny Law", Hannes aka "Spirit" (from quaddicted), Fabiano D. Amorim aka "vegetous", Benjamin Darling aka "Electro", Rui Neto aka "Trinca", Rich Whitehouse aka "thefatal", Marko Permanto aka "Urre", Mark Wheeler, Daniel Svensson, Michael Kamensky, and Chris Winger.


Archive of all Quake 1 bots.