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a drum machine and sequencer engine.
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Drum Sequencer

laptop view

Drum Sequencer screenshot1

ipad portrait view

Drum Sequencer screenshot2

ipad landscape view

Drum Sequencer screenshot3

mobile portrait view

Drum Sequencer screenshot4

Libraries & Tools

Audio Browser Support

  • Google - fair
  • Edge - fair
  • Firefox - bad :(

Install Instructions

git clone

npm i

// starts parcel dev server for development
npm run start:dev

// builds parcel bundle

npm run prod:build

// starts production server

npm start

Notes on the Challenge

Performance varies depending on the browser. Stuttering and shaky tempo can be heard due to setInterval not being as accurate as I once thought. The amount of jitter is absolutely unacceptable in firefox and I had no idea how bad till later. In hindsight I would have found a better solution. This project is my first foray into audio in the browser.

Regardless of the difficulties with setInterval I accomplished my goal of making a drum sequencer without the help of any framework such as React, Angular, or Vue. Web audio is a deep subject and I'm sure I'll be learning more about it for a long time to come.

My next iteration will be done with the webaudio api or Tone.js. Until I have the time to embark in another adventure in web based audio projects this one will have to do.

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