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When I learn something without a plan for when and how I'll review it later, I often feel that I may as well have never learned that thing, because I'll probably forget it before I get to benefit from knowing it. This repo is a years-long experiment into ensuring that less of my time spent learning new things is wasted, particularly when I'm learning a lot of new things in a short period of time.

However, I also believe that the brain has a terribly lazy garbage collector, and that learned information lies dormant in your brain long after you forget where it is. So this experiment isn't an attempt to record everything I learn: rather, it's a collection of mental "handholds". My hope is that by periodically reviewing a handful facts about a topic, I'll be able to access most of that topic's related facts, too, without having to create an exhaustive set of flashcards for each fact.

I also use this to memorize common programming APIs. To those programmers who assert that API memorization is not the best use of my time: I believe you overestimate the difficulty of memorizing a few hundred function signatures, and I believe you underestimate how fun it is to feel like a fucking wizard that can directly translate their ideas into code, who can go hours without context-switching to reading documentation. You haven't lived until you've experienced completely frustration-free programming.

These cards are designed for Anki spaced repetition software. Each card has four fields delimited by semicolons: text for the front the card, text to format as code for the front of the card, text for the back of the card, and text to format as code for the back of the card.

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