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Utility to extract SQL Saturday XML data into a MSSQL Database
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*** Please add any/all issues the the tracker and I will work on them, also hit m on twitter: TampaDBA ***

This utility was built to extract SQL Saturday XML data into a MSSQL Database for analysis.

##Credentials: If credentials are not provided a trusted connection will be used.

##Range: Specifics events can be specified by using the range function

  • Default Range: 1-100
  • Comma Seperated: 2,10,25,100,125
  • Combination: 2,10,25-50,125, 173

If the SQL Saturday event has not been assigned (ie #645) it will return an empty result set, instead of a HTTP 404. Once the reader encounters 2 consecutive empty results files, it will stop requesting more, so the sky is the limit and it won't run away.

SQLSaturday Database Filler

-s, --server Required. Database Server

-d, --database Required. Name of Database

-u, --u Database User Name

-p, --pasword Database Password

-r, --range (Default: 1-10000) Provide a range of events to download

-o, --operation (Default: Drop) Operation to perform: Drop - Drops all Objects and Recreates them, Importing Everything Fresh Refresh - Refreshes Data wihtout Modifying

--help Display this help screen.

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