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UML-Alerts is a SMS based alert app. Users of the app are able to set a message to be sent to a list of contact(s) via SMS messaging. Location based tracking is enabled by default - anytime the app is open, it keeps track of the user's location and records it for use in sending the alert. The location is used in the alert - when sending the text message, a Google Maps URL is added to the bottom of the message with the user's Lat/Long coordinates. Every alert that is sent also has its date and location recorded to the internal memory of the user's phone, which is then displayed on a Google Maps view in the app to show the user where their previous alerts have taken place and at what time.

The Android Studio project for this app can be found in the "UML-Alerts" directory.

A video demo of the app can be found on Youtube.

This app was originally created by Jason Downing and Udit Bhansali for an Android Development course at UMass Lowell.

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