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Fiat − Deductive Synthesis of Abstract Data Types in a Proof Assistant

This repository holds the source code of Fiat, a Coq ADT synthesis

## Dependencies:
  * To build the library:          Coq 8.4pl2
  * To step through the examples:  GNU Emacs 23.4.1, Proof General 4.3
  * To extract and run OCaml code: OCaml 3.12.1

## Compiling and running the code
  * To build the library: `make sources`
  * To build the examples: `make examples`
  * To extract the bookstore example to OCaml: `make repl`

## Where to start
  The `examples` folder contains three interesting database refinements:

  * `Bookstore.v` contains a fully automated refinement of the bookstore
     example presented throughout the paper.
  * `Stocks.v` and `Weather.v` contain two additional automated examples,
     with more complex indexing schemes, and more diverse aggregation

  Stepping through these files in emacs requires that the sources be
  built, using `make sources`.

  The best way to get a feeling of how the library works, and what the
  query planner does under the hood, is to step through the bookstore
  semi-automated refinement found in `examples/BookstoreSemiAutomatic.v`,
  which shares the preamble of `Bookstore.v`, but shows a more
  progressive derivation. Finally, the query planner code can be found
  in `src/QueryStructure/Refinements/AutoDB.v`.

  The examples/CacheADT directory also includes the derivation of an abstract
  data type implementing a Least Recently Used cache, as discussed in Section
  3.1 of the paper. 

## Extracting and running the code
  Running `make repl` produces a `repl` binary in the `examples/`
  directory, which supports the following commands:

  * reset
  * add_book    [author title isbn]
  * place_order [isbn]
  * get_titles  [author]
  * num_orders  [author]
  * benchmark   [nb_authors nb_books nb_orders
                 nb_titles_queries nb_orders_queries]

  To replicate the results highlighted in the paper, run `examples/repl`,
  and type
    benchmark 1000 10000 100000 100000 100000

## Further exploring the code base

### Top-level directory organization

1. `src` - Source files for the ADT synthesis library
2. `examples` - Example ADT derivations using the library

### Detailed sub-directory organization:

#### src/Computation

Definitions of computations and refinement that form the core of ADT

  * Core.v: core definitions of computation and refinement
  * Monad.v: proofs that computations satisfy the monad laws
  * SetoidMorphisms.v: setoid rewriting machinery support for refinement
  * ReflectiveMonad.v: reflective tactic for simplifying using the monad laws
  * ApplyMonad.v: applicative tactic for simplifying using the monad laws
  * Refinements/General.v: core set of refinement facts used for synthesis

#### src/ADT/

Definition of abstract data types (ADTs).

  * ADTSig.d: definition of ADT interfaces (signatures)
  * Core.v: core definitions of ADT
  * ADTHide.v: definitions for hiding part of an ADT interface

#### ADTNotation/

More pleasant notations for ADTs.

  * ilist.v: definitions of the indexed lists used in ADT notations
  * StringBound.v: typeclass definition of the bounded strings our
                   notations use for method indices
  * BuildADTSig.v: notation for ADT signatures
  * BuildADT.v: notation for ADT definitions
  * BuildADTReplaceMethods.v: functions for notation-friendly method

#### ADTRefinement/

Definitions of and machinery for refining ADTs from specification
to implementation.

  * Core.v: definition of ADT refinement
  * SetoidMorphisms.v: setoid rewriting machinery for ADT refinement
  * GeneralRefinements.v: core tactics for a 'single step' of ADT
    refinement through either method or constructor refinement
  * BuildADTSetoidMorphims.v: Notation-friendly proofs of switching
    representation and method refinement
  * GeneralBuildADTRefinements.v: Notation-friendly tactics for refining
    a single ADT method or constructor

#### ADTRefinement/Refinements/

Definitions and tactics for more specialized refinements.

  * HoneRepresentation.v: switching the representation type of an ADT
  * SimplifyRep.v: simplifying the representation type of an ADT
  * RefineHideADT.v: refining ADTs with interfaces hidden using the
    definitions in ADTHide.v
  * ADTCache.v: adding a cached value to the representation of an ADT
  * ADTRepInv.v: refining an ADT under a representation invariant
  * DelegateMethods.v: delegating functionality to another ADT

#### ADTRefinement/BuildADTRefinements/

Definitions and tactics for notation-friendly versions of some of the
specialized refinements in ADTRefinement/Refinements

#### QueryStructure/

Library for specifying and refining ADTs with SQL-like operations

  * Heading.v: definitions of signatures for labeled data (headings)
  * Tuple.v: definitions for labeled data (tuples)
  * Schema.v: definitions for specifying sets of tuples with data-integrity
              constraints (relation schema)
  * Relation.v: definitions for sets of tuples (relations)
  * QueryStructureSchema.v: definitions for specifying sets of relations with
                            cross-relation data-integrity constraints
  * QueryStructure.v: definitions for reference representation of ADTs
    with SQL-like operations

#### QueryStructure/QuerySpecs

Definitions and notations for specifying SQL-like operations on QueryStructures

  * EmptyQSSpecs.v: empty QueryStructure constructor
  * InsertQSSpecs.v: QueryStructure insertion operation + basic refinement for
                     for performing data-integrity checks
  * QueryQSSpecs.v: query operations for QueryStructures

#### QueryStructure/Refinements

Implementations of QueryStructures

  * ListImplementation: list-based representation
  * FMapImplementation: extra lemmas about Coq's Fmaps
  * Bags: Implementations of the Bag interface described in the paper:
    * ListBags.v: List-based bag implementation
    * TreeBags.v: FMap-based bag implementation
    * CachingBags.v: Bags augmenting existing bags with a caching layer
    * CountingBags: Specific kind of ListBags keeping track of their
                    number of elements
    * BagsOfTuples.v: Nested TreeBags containing tuples