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#!/usr/bin/env python2
import argparse, shutil, os, os.path, sys, re
from custom_arguments import add_libname_arguments, update_env_with_libnames, add_logging_arguments, process_logging_arguments
from split_file import get_coq_statement_ranges, UnsupportedCoqVersionError
from import_util import get_references_for, get_file, sort_files_by_dependency
from file_util import write_to_file
from memoize import memoize
from minimizer_drivers import run_binary_search
import diagnose_error
# {Windows,Python,coqtop} is terrible; we fail to write to (or read
# from?) coqtop. But we can wrap it in a batch scrip, and it works
# fine.
SCRIPT_DIRECTORY = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
DEFAULT_COQTOP = 'coqtop' if != 'nt' else os.path.join(SCRIPT_DIRECTORY, 'coqtop.bat')
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Remove useless Requires in a file')
parser.add_argument('input_files', metavar='INFILE', nargs='*', type=argparse.FileType('r'),
help='.v files to update')
parser.add_argument('--in-place', '-i', metavar='SUFFIX', dest='suffix', nargs='?', type=str, default='',
help='update files in place (makes backup if SUFFIX supplied)')
parser.add_argument('--all', dest='update_all',
action='store_const', default=False, const=True,
help=("also update all .v files listed in any _CoqProject file passed to -f (implies --in-place, requires -f)"))
parser.add_argument('--absolutize', dest='absolutize',
action='store_const', default=False, const=True,
help=("Replace Requires with fully qualified versions."))
parser.add_argument('--timeout', dest='timeout', metavar='SECONDS', type=int, default=-1,
help=("Use a timeout; make sure Coq is " +
"killed after running for this many seconds. " +
"If 0, there is no timeout. If negative, then " +
"twice the initial run of the script is used.\n\n" +
"Default: -1"))
parser.add_argument('--no-keep-exports', dest='keep_exports',
action='store_const', default=True, const=False,
help=("Allow the removal of Require lines that have Export in them"))
parser.add_argument('--no-timeout', dest='timeout', action='store_const', const=0,
help=("Do not use a timeout"))
parser.add_argument('--keep-going', '-k', dest='keep_going', action='store_const', const=True, default=False,
help=("Keep going when some files can't be minimized."))
parser.add_argument('--coqbin', metavar='COQBIN', dest='coqbin', type=str, default='',
help='The path to a folder containing the coqc and coqtop programs.')
parser.add_argument('--coqc', metavar='COQC', dest='coqc', type=str, default='coqc',
help='The path to the coqc program.')
def insert_references(contents, ranges, references, **kwargs):
ret = []
prev = 0
if kwargs['verbose']:
bad = [(start, end, loc, append, ty) for start, end, loc, append, ty in references
if append != '<>' or ty != 'lib']
if bad:
kwargs['log']('Invalid glob entries: %s' % '\n'.join('R%d:%d %s <> %s %s' % (start, end, loc, append, ty)
for start, end, loc, append, ty in bad))
for start, finish in ranges:
if prev < start:
ret.append((contents[prev:start], tuple()))
if kwargs['verbose']:
bad = [(rstart, rend, loc, append, ty) for rstart, rend, loc, append, ty in references
if (start <= rstart or rend <= finish) and
not ((start <= rstart and rend <= finish) or
finish <= rstart or rend <= start)]
if bad:
kwargs['log']('Invalid glob entries partially overlapping (%d, %d]: %s'
% (start, finish,
'\n'.join('R%d:%d %s <> %s %s' % (start, end, loc, append, ty)
for start, end, loc, append, ty in bad)))
cur_references = tuple((rstart - start, rend - start, loc) for rstart, rend, loc, append, ty in references
if start <= rstart and rend <= finish)
ret.append((contents[start:finish], cur_references))
prev = finish
if prev < len(contents):
ret.append((contents[prev:], tuple()))
return tuple(reversed(ret))
def remove_after_first_range(text, ranges):
if ranges:
start = min((start for start, end, loc in ranges))
return text[:start]
return text
def mark_exports(state, keep_exports):
return tuple((text, ranges, bool(keep_exports and ranges and 'Export' in remove_after_first_range(text, ranges)))
for text, ranges in state)
def trailing_whitespace(text):
return ''.join(sorted('(\s*)$', text, flags=re.DOTALL).groups()[0]))
def leading_whitespace(text):
return ''.join(sorted('^(\s*)', text, flags=re.DOTALL).groups()[0]))
def whitespace_to_key(ws):
return (ws.count('\n'), ws.count('\t'), ws.count(' '), len(ws), ws)
def gobble_whitespace(before, after):
before_ws, after_ws = trailing_whitespace(before), leading_whitespace(after)
assert(whitespace_to_key('') < whitespace_to_key(' ')) # sanity check
if before_ws and after_ws:
if whitespace_to_key(before_ws) < whitespace_to_key(after_ws):
return (before[:-len(before_ws)], after)
return (before, after[len(after_ws):])
elif before_ws:
return (before[:-len(before_ws)], after)
elif after_ws:
return (before, after[len(after_ws):])
return (before, after)
def step_state(state, action):
ret = []
state = list(state)
while len(state) > 0:
(text, references, force_keep), state = state[0], state[1:]
if references:
(start, end, loc), new_references = references[0], tuple(references[1:])
if action == SKIP or action is None:
ret.append((text, new_references, force_keep))
elif action == ABSOLUTIZE:
ret.append((text[:start] + loc + text[end:], new_references, force_keep))
elif action == REMOVE and not force_keep:
if new_references: # still other imports, safe to just remove
pre_text, post_text = gobble_whitespace(text[:start], text[end:])
ret.append((pre_text + post_text, new_references, force_keep))
else: # no other imports; remove this line completely
if ret and state:
prev_text, post_text = gobble_whitespace(ret[-1][0], state[0][0])
ret[-1] = (prev_text,) + ret[-1][1:]
state[0] = (post_text,) + state[0][1:]
elif ret:
ret[-1] = (ret[-1][0].rstrip(),) + ret[-1][1:]
elif state:
state[0] = (state[0][0].lstrip(),) + state[0][1:]
raise ValueError
return tuple(ret)
ret.append((text, references, force_keep))
return None
def state_to_contents(state):
return ''.join(reversed([v[0] for v in state]))
def make_check_state(original_contents, verbose_base=0, **kwargs):
expected_output, orig_cmds, orig_retcode = diagnose_error.get_coq_output(kwargs['coqc'], kwargs['coqc_args'], original_contents, kwargs['timeout'], verbose_base=2, **kwargs)
def check_contents(contents):
output, cmds, retcode = diagnose_error.get_coq_output(kwargs['coqc'], kwargs['coqc_args'], contents, kwargs['timeout'], verbose_base=2, **kwargs)
# TODO: Should we be checking the error message and the retcode and the output, or just the retcode?
retval = (diagnose_error.has_error(output) or output != expected_output or retcode != orig_retcode)
if retval:
if kwargs['verbose'] + verbose_base >= 3:
kwargs['log']('Failed change. Error when running "%s":\n%s' % ('" "'.join(cmds), output))
elif kwargs['verbose'] + verbose_base >= 4:
kwargs['log']('Successful change')
if kwargs['verbose'] + verbose_base >= 5:
kwargs['log']('New contents:\n"""\n%s\n"""' % contents)
return not retval
def check_state(state):
return check_contents(state_to_contents(state))
return check_state
def make_save_state(filename, **kwargs):
def save_state(state, final=False):
contents = state_to_contents(state)
if kwargs['inplace']:
do_backup = kwargs['suffix'] is not None and len(kwargs['suffix']) > 0
write_to_file(filename, contents, do_backup=do_backup, backup_ext=kwargs['suffix'])
elif final:
return save_state
if __name__ == '__main__':
args = process_logging_arguments(parser.parse_args())
env = {
'verbose': args.verbose,
'log': args.log,
'keep_exports': args.keep_exports,
'keep_going': args.keep_going,
'coqc': (args.coqc if args.coqbin == '' else os.path.join(args.coqbin, args.coqc)),
'coqc_args': (args.coq_args if args.coq_args else tuple()),
'timeout': args.timeout,
'inplace': args.suffix != '', # it's None if they passed no argument, and '' if they didn't pass -i
'suffix': args.suffix,
'input_files': tuple( for f in args.input_files),
update_env_with_libnames(env, args)
for f in args.input_files: f.close()
if args.update_all:
if env['_CoqProject'] is None:
parser.error('--all given without -f')
env['inplace'] = True
if env['suffix'] == '': env['suffix'] = None
env['input_files'] = tuple(list(env['input_files']) + list(env['_CoqProject_v_files']))
if len(env['input_files']) == 0:
parser.error('no .v files listed in %s' % args.CoqProjectFile)
elif len(env['input_files']) == 0:
parser.error('not enough arguments (-f COQPROJECTFILE is required if no .v files are given)')
for dirname, libname in env['libnames']:
env['coqc_args'] = tuple(list(env['coqc_args']) + ['-R', dirname, libname])
env['input_files'] = sort_files_by_dependency(env['input_files'], update_globs=True, **env)
failed = []
for name in env['input_files']:
ranges = get_coq_statement_ranges(name, **env)
contents = get_file(name, absolutize=tuple(), update_globs=True, **env)
refs = get_references_for(name, types=('lib',), update_globs=True, **env)
if refs is None:
env['log']('ERROR: Failed to get references for %s' % name)
failed.append((name, 'failed to get references'))
if env['keep_going']:
annotated_contents = mark_exports(insert_references(contents, ranges, refs, **env), env['keep_exports'])
save_state = make_save_state(name, **env)
check_state = make_check_state(contents, **env)
verbose_check_state = make_check_state(contents, verbose_base=4-env['verbose'], **env)
if env['verbose']: env['log']('Running coq on initial contents...')
if not verbose_check_state(annotated_contents):
env['log']('ERROR: Failed to update %s' % name)
failed.append((name, 'failed to update'))
if env['keep_going']:
valid_actions = (REMOVE,)
if args.absolutize:
valid_actions = (REMOVE, ABSOLUTIZE)
final_state = run_binary_search(annotated_contents, check_state, step_state, save_state, valid_actions)
if final_state is not None:
if not check_state(final_state):
env['log']('Internal error: Inconsistent final state on %s...' % name)
failed.append((name, 'inconsistent final state'))
if not env['keep_going']:
if env['verbose']: env['log']('Saving final version of %s...' % name)
save_state(final_state, final=True)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
except SystemExit:
except BaseException as e:
if env['keep_going']:
env['log']('Failure on %s with error %s' % (name, repr(e)))
failed.append((name, e))
raise e
if failed:
env['log']('The following files failed:')
for name, e in failed:
except UnsupportedCoqVersionError:
env['log']('ERROR: Your version of coqc (%s) does not support -time' % env['coqc'])
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