A command line tool for working with the rackspace cloud server api.
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rscurl.sh is an atempt to create a command line tool that interfaces with Rackspace Cloud Server's API.  The goal in creating it was to use widely available tools so it is written as a shell script and uses apt, curl, grep, sed, and tr. It has been tested on Apple OS X terminal, CentOS, and Ubuntu.   

It supports the following commands:

		list-servers	- Lists all the servers you have on your account.
		list-flavors	- Lists all the types of server that are available to you.
		list-images		- Lists all the server images that are available to you.
		create-server	- Creates a new server
		delete-server	- Deletes a server
		rebuild			- Rebuilds a server with the new image, all data will be lost.
		resize			- Resizes a server
		confirm-resize	- Confirms a recently resized server, after 24 hours it is done automatically.
		revert-resize	- Reverts a recently resized server to the previous size.
		reboot			- Reboots a server
		force-reboot	- Forces a server to reboot, equivalent to pulling the power.
		create-image	- Creates a new image based on an existing server.
		delete-image	- Deletes a server image that you own.

Here is an example of the output for the servers, flavors, and images.

ID     Server Image                            Server Flavor       Status    Server Name                                       Public IP           Private IP          
------ --------------------------------------- ------------------- --------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------- -------------------
318954 "Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-(lucid)"              "256-server"        "ACTIVE"  "server1.mydomain.com"                            ["184.106.xxx.xxx"] ["10.179.xxx.xxx"]   
320685 "Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-(lucid)"              "256-server"        "ACTIVE"  "server2.mydomain.com"                            ["184.106.xxx.xxx"] ["10.179.xxx.xxx"]  
345576 "Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-(lucid)"              "2GB-server"        "ACTIVE"  "server3.mydomain.com"                            ["184.106.xxx.xxx"] ["10.179.xxx.xxx"]  
345590 "Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-(lucid)"              "2GB-server"        "ACTIVE"  "server4.mydomain.com"                            ["184.106.xxx.xxx"] ["10.179.xxx.xxx"]  
345673 "Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-(lucid)"              "2GB-server"        "ACTIVE"  "server5.mydomain.com"                            ["184.106.xxx.xxx"] ["10.179.xxx.xxx"]  
347022 "Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-(lucid)"              "2GB-server"        "ACTIVE"  "server6.mydomain.com"                            ["184.106.xxx.xxx"] ["10.179.xxx.xxx"]  

ID        Image Name                              Status    Date Created                  Date Updated                                 
--------- --------------------------------------- --------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
71        "Fedora 14"                             "ACTIVE"  "2010-10-13T19:00:00-05:00"   "2010-11-10T08:35:36-06:00"   
29        "Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x86"        "ACTIVE"  "2010-01-26T12:07:32-06:00"   "2010-01-26T12:07:32-06:00"   
69        "Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick)"               "ACTIVE"  "2010-10-13T19:00:00-05:00"   "2010-10-21T15:36:29-05:00"   
41        "Oracle EL JeOS Release 5 Update 3"     "ACTIVE"  "2010-03-23T05:31:38-05:00"   "2010-09-20T09:08:35-05:00"   
40        "Oracle EL Server Release 5 Update 4"   "ACTIVE"  "2010-03-23T05:31:31-05:00"   "2010-10-28T11:40:20-05:00"   
187811    "CentOS 5.4"                            "ACTIVE"  "2009-12-16T01:02:17-06:00"   "2009-12-16T01:02:17-06:00"   
4         "Debian 5.0 (lenny)"                    "ACTIVE"  "2009-07-15T17:09:29-05:00"   "2009-08-26T14:59:52-05:00"   
10        "Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS (hardy)"             "ACTIVE"  "2009-07-15T16:54:54-05:00"   "2009-08-26T14:59:54-05:00"   
23        "Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x64"        "ACTIVE"  "2010-01-26T12:05:53-06:00"   "2010-01-26T12:05:53-06:00"   
24        "Windows Server 2008 SP2 x64"           "ACTIVE"  "2010-01-26T12:07:04-06:00"   "2010-01-26T12:07:04-06:00"   
49        "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid)"              "ACTIVE"  "2009-04-29T04:00:00-05:00"   "2010-05-04T08:58:18-05:00"   
14362     "Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)"                  "ACTIVE"  "2009-11-06T05:09:40-06:00"   "2009-11-06T05:09:40-06:00"   
62        "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5"          "ACTIVE"  "2010-09-14T03:05:31-05:00"   "2010-11-10T00:08:26-06:00"   
53        "Fedora 13"                             "ACTIVE"  "2009-05-25T12:00:00-05:00"   "2010-06-27T20:13:08-05:00"   
17        "Fedora 12"                             "ACTIVE"  "2009-12-15T06:38:16-06:00"   "2009-12-15T15:43:59-06:00"   
31        "Windows Server 2008 SP2 x86"           "ACTIVE"  "2010-01-26T12:07:44-06:00"   "2010-01-26T12:07:44-06:00"   
51        "CentOS 5.5"                            "ACTIVE"  "2009-05-14T12:00:00-05:00"   "2010-05-21T00:01:43-05:00"   
14        "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4"          "ACTIVE"  "2009-12-15T06:41:26-06:00"   "2009-12-15T15:37:22-06:00"   
19        "Gentoo 10.1"                           "ACTIVE"  "2009-12-15T06:36:24-06:00"   "2009-12-15T15:43:39-06:00"   
28        "Windows Server 2008 R2 x64"            "ACTIVE"  "2010-01-26T12:07:17-06:00"   "2010-01-26T12:07:17-06:00"   
55        "Arch 2010.05"                          "ACTIVE"  "2009-05-25T12:00:00-05:00"   "2010-06-29T05:21:55-05:00"   
6491021   "Charlie"                               "ACTIVE"  "2010-11-11T05:00:21-06:00"   "2010-11-11T23:55:23-06:00"   

ID    RAM(M)   Disk(G)  Flavor Name
----- -------- -------- ----------
1         256      10   "256 server"
2         512      20   "512 server"
3        1024      40   "1GB server"
4        2048      80   "2GB server"
5        4096     160   "4GB server"
6        8192     320   "8GB server"
7       15872     620   "15.5GB server"