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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Mar 23, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • add filename to the invalid trizbort file on open of file. There is a bug coming where this message is showing after restart on update of Trizbort and this will help debug this.
  • improved the statusbar to make it more extensible in the future.
  • simplified how the zoom widget in the statusbar functions
  • added caps and num lock indicators to statusbar.
  • added the option to have text break or not break on dashes. (#456)
  • added menu item in the View menu to toggle the background map grid (#452)
  • Added app settings to control what displays in the tooltip. Can show/hide descriptions and objects. Also can limit how many characters to display in the descriptions (#467)


  • Attempting to open an invalid trizbort file was still marking it as the last loaded project, which could cause it to try and load it again when trizbort reopened. (#442)
  • If the last loaded project was from the web, doing a file open (Ctrl-O) would throw up an invalid path error when opening the file open dialog. (#443)
  • fix error when zooming in or out too far. (#447)
  • start/end room properties will not be copied when copying a room, this fixes the issue where we could have more than one start room. (#460)
  • shift - right-clck allows panning of the map. The context menu no longer shows when releasing the mouse (#455)
  • fixed issue when saving a file many times in succession can temporarily corrupt the recent map menu list. (#454)
  • fixed issues with the handling of "Hand Drawn Edges" and improved the handling of the UI in regards to this setting.
  • middle text alignment should now be handled more consistantly. (#473)
  • Handle tooltips better when they are displayed and panning the page or moving the room. (#459)
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this May 26, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

removed dependency on DotNetBar. Good in general, but should move us closer to a version that will run cross-platform. (#437)

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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Apr 17, 2018 · 56 commits to master since this release


  • User can now load trizbort maps from the web. File-->Open Map from Url... (Ctrl-Shift-O) brings up dialog to enter url to trizbort file to load.
  • Objects in room, added 'w' to indicate something is worn by an object, added 'h' to indicate that an object is a part of it's parent.


  • refactored some of the exporting code.


  • saving new map for the first time was throwing an error. (#427)
  • fixed some object issues for people, worn items, part of items (#259)
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Mar 23, 2018 · 75 commits to master since this release

Just a few small features and bug fixes.


  • The room subtitle can now have it's own font and color, both in default settings and individual room properties. (#50)
  • Add a check for application update under the help menu.


  • Fix for two message boxes showing in room properties when room name is empty.
  • Fix for two message boxes showing in map properties when default room name is empty.
  • Fix issue where canceling from the color dialog in room properties would change the color to a default color instead of keeping the original color
  • Fix issue that caused Paste menu item under Edit to not be enabled appropriately. (#416)
  • Fix issue where recently opened maps list was not working properly after the 1.6 release. (#418)
  • Remove the warning when more than one room was checked as the end room in the room properties. Opened up the context menu to allow selecting multiple rooms as the end room. (#413)
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Mar 3, 2018 · 90 commits to master since this release


  • check for new versioned files and show warning when loading map (#353)
  • Trizbort now will detect changes to loaded map from another application and ask to reload the map (#365)
  • Added export for Quest (Thanks to @ThePix for this) (#392)
  • Added option in AppSettings to show the full file path in the main window caption.
  • Can now set a default room shape for a map in Map Settings (#93)
  • Can add a link to reference another room from a room (done through room properties). Ctrl-Click on the room with the reference will go to the room being referenced (#370)
  • Color picker in map settings now allows setting multiple colors at once. Just Ctrl or Shift click on the colors to select many and all can be set to same color at once (#108)


  • fixed naming consistency between context menu and main menu and room shape names (#356)
  • opening zoom is a bit more accurate and better handles margins (#357)
  • Fixed issue where Trizbort wasn't saving the last loaded project if that map was loaded from most recent maps menu (#364)
  • Minor adjustment on alignment of in/out text on rounded and octagonal rooms. (#378)
  • fixed error with room property dialog and rooms shapes. (#394, #388)
  • copy of room now copies the subtitle.
  • default object text color was not respected if object text was inside room and no room specific object text color was chosen. (#402)


  • Refactored the copy / paste giving some code optimizations and fixing some copy bugs where some properties were not getting copied. (#379, TRIZ-145, TRIZ-152, TRIZ-47)
  • Application Settings has been refactored. App Settings are now stored in an appsettings.json file in the application folder. The legacy settings.xml stored in the user folder will be read in if it exists and there is no appsettings.json file. This simplified the code and allows for easier management as we add new options. Map settings still stored in the map file.
  • moved the revisions.txt to a more standard file.
  • added scrollbars to the Map Settings -> Description and History inputs. (#390, #391)
  • App settings are now saved on an affirmative close of the app settings dialog.
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Jul 2, 2017 · 175 commits to master since this release

In celebration of Independence Day here in the United States, I thought I'd put out a small release that has a few small updates.

  • The Room properties dialog parent was not getting set properly which could cause it to get lost on alt-tab making trizbort appear to be locked up. (#332)
  • Adjusted tab order and layout slightly to get more commonly used items to the top of the tab order. (#334)
  • Beginnings of a room validation with graphical indicator of rooms that don't pass validation. (#333)
  • Put menu items (shortcut keys) in place for set start room (Ctrl-F5) and set end room (Shift-F5). (#335)
  • Added some stats for doors / connections (#343)
  • Added the end room into stats (#339)
  • Added a micro-zoom (Ctrl-MouseWheelUp/Down) (#341)
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Apr 14, 2017 · 204 commits to master since this release

Just a few minor changes:

  • if the default hand drawn option was not checked in the appsettings, then you could never make a room with hand drawn edges. This should be corrected.
  • I6 support for exporting Doors...thanks to Andrew Schultz and Hugo Labrande
  • Accented characters where not being exported properly to Hugo, I6 and TADS (#330 & #329 - Thanks to Hugo Labrande for the report).
  • Tooltip issue when opening a new map when one was already loaded (#327)
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Feb 16, 2017 · 217 commits to master since this release

Minor release to fix two bugs.

#317 was an issue with the EXITS command added in v1.5.9.6 that broke the automapper. This has been rolled back until I can take a look into it.
#319 fixed to allow exporting to I7 on older maps.

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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Jan 7, 2017 · 219 commits to master since this release

Just some minor updates to catch up since long hiatus since last release. This also is compiled with vs2017 RC, so if you see any issues running or have issues with the code yourself, please let me know.

Biggest new feature is probably the find, it is still somewhat limited, but I've found it useful for large maps.

  • Beginning to refactor code to take advantage of C#7
  • Removed the "fill" color in app settings. It wasn't being used anymore (#310)
  • Fixed issue with room properties window opening in the upper left corner of the screen (#309)
  • Automap will now detect when a room is being connected in the same direction as another room. The user will be prompted to keep one or other or both. (#300)
  • Automap now supports the EXITS command (#297)
  • Can now specify an end room. (#171)
  • Issue in Automapper when restarting, it would sometimes get confused and not display any rooms. (#195)
  • Added new option in Automapper, to assume two-way directions (on by default). (#296)
  • Add a FIND (Ctrl-F), currently only on Rooms (name, subtitle, objects and description). Found elements are selected. (#57)
  • F3 / Shift-F3 will cycle through found matches
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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Aug 6, 2016 · 244 commits to master since this release

Minor release with some minor features.

ENH: #196 - "tb dotted" in transcript now forces next connection to be dotted.
ENH: #11 - "tb exit [direction]" in transcript will add a connection stub in that direction and "tb noexit [direction]" will remove a connection stub.
ENH: #270 - refactored the command line handling. Commands are now:
-a, --loadlastproject
-m, --automap --> give it a text file transcript. ex) trizbort --automap zork1.txt
-q, --quicksave --> quicksave the file to the given filename, useful in conjunction with other commands like --automap
-s, --smartsave --> silently do smartsave based on current smartsave settings.
-x, --exit --> close trizbort, again useful in conjunction with other arguments. ex) trizbort --automap zork1.txt --quicksave zork1.trizbort --exit

ENH: #267 - added command line parameters for exporting maps to source files --inform7, --inform6, --alan, --hugo, --tads, --zil
ENH: #186 - Added region support to Hugo export.
ENH: #279 - Added Ctrl-K to Force Darkness on selected rooms; Added Ctrl-Shift-K to force lighted on rooms.
ENH: #56 - Added support for doors. It can be setup in the connection properties. Export to I7 only at this point.
ENH: #285 - Add descriptions to connections. Used only for doors at the moment.
ENH: #283 - Allow for fine control of object text positioning.
COS: #294 - Fix wording on context menu for hand-drawn room.
ENH: - Tooltips will now show on items with out a title. This will help with being able to put different attributes or descriptions on items (connections, rooms).
ENH: #295 - Added option to app settings to show / not-show tooltips on objects.
REF: #214 - Refactored font code name.
REF: #213 - changed labels in app settings font settings.

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