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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Sep 19, 2015 · 394 commits to master since this release

We've done a lot of work on Trizbort in the first half of the month so I thought I'd get a new release out sooner rather than later.

COS: #112 - Disable "Rooms:Change Regions" if there are 0 regions
COS: #119 - Change language in the settings to change "lines" to "connections".
COS: #145 - There was a flicker in the 'Toggle Darkness' in the Rooms menu
ENH: #79 - Alpha of Hugo Exporter....not yet feature complete, please send feedback.
ENH: #89 - Added octagonal room shape. Great for Stop signs.
ENH: #97 - Added stat for rooms you can't get out of "Dead Ends".
ENH: #115 - Add graphic for straight edge room shape in room settings.
ENH: #116 - Added checkbox to link all corners together to same value for rounded corners room type.
ENH: #118 - Save the last tab on settings dialog to app settings.
ENH: #125 - Set a room as the starting room in room settings. Highlight it in a lime green. This will export to I7 and ZIL.
ENH: #131 - Added "About" to I6 exported code
ENH: #167 - Added count of dark rooms to stats.
CHG: #117 - Default name for new room should not be blank
CHG: #123 - Remove the default ("NoRegion") from the list of regions that get exported.
CHG: #126 - F1 opens up the online help.
CHG: #129 - Better message on SmartSave if it can't save the image file
FIX: #112 - Can no longer attempt to change regions if there are 0 regions.
FIX: #113 - Disable "Join rooms" in context menu/Rooms menu if rooms already joined
FIX: #120 - hand-drawn does not persist on Ctrl-Arrow to create new room
FIX: #121 - Error checking: request for warning box on unsuccessful smartsave
FIX: #122 - Some shortcut keys for new menus introduced were triggering other actions.
FIX: #127 - Failed PNG write gives successful smart-save message.
FIX: #128 - Failed EMF export does not generate error
FIX: #130 - darkness does not persist on Ctrl-Arrow to create new room
FIX: #132 - Deleting region wasn't reverting it's "ex-rooms" to NoRegion
FIX: #137 - Changing items in the Tools:Map Settings dialog wasn't marking the project as dirty.
FIX: #141 - Line styles context menu item could erronously appear on the menu for a room.
FIX: #143 - Realphabetize region listbox in settings after renaming inline.
FIX: #144 - disallow starting spaces in regions and room as it could cause issues with exporting to code.
FIX: #153 - Arrow keys moving canvas right / left were backwards.
FIX: #156 - Issue with copy / paste and connection color. Also issue with a colon in the name is fixed.

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