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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Aug 6, 2016 · 259 commits to master since this release

Minor release with some minor features.

ENH: #196 - "tb dotted" in transcript now forces next connection to be dotted.
ENH: #11 - "tb exit [direction]" in transcript will add a connection stub in that direction and "tb noexit [direction]" will remove a connection stub.
ENH: #270 - refactored the command line handling. Commands are now:
-a, --loadlastproject
-m, --automap --> give it a text file transcript. ex) trizbort --automap zork1.txt
-q, --quicksave --> quicksave the file to the given filename, useful in conjunction with other commands like --automap
-s, --smartsave --> silently do smartsave based on current smartsave settings.
-x, --exit --> close trizbort, again useful in conjunction with other arguments. ex) trizbort --automap zork1.txt --quicksave zork1.trizbort --exit

ENH: #267 - added command line parameters for exporting maps to source files --inform7, --inform6, --alan, --hugo, --tads, --zil
ENH: #186 - Added region support to Hugo export.
ENH: #279 - Added Ctrl-K to Force Darkness on selected rooms; Added Ctrl-Shift-K to force lighted on rooms.
ENH: #56 - Added support for doors. It can be setup in the connection properties. Export to I7 only at this point.
ENH: #285 - Add descriptions to connections. Used only for doors at the moment.
ENH: #283 - Allow for fine control of object text positioning.
COS: #294 - Fix wording on context menu for hand-drawn room.
ENH: - Tooltips will now show on items with out a title. This will help with being able to put different attributes or descriptions on items (connections, rooms).
ENH: #295 - Added option to app settings to show / not-show tooltips on objects.
REF: #214 - Refactored font code name.
REF: #213 - changed labels in app settings font settings.

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