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@JasonLautzenheiser JasonLautzenheiser released this Jan 7, 2017 · 228 commits to master since this release

Just some minor updates to catch up since long hiatus since last release. This also is compiled with vs2017 RC, so if you see any issues running or have issues with the code yourself, please let me know.

Biggest new feature is probably the find, it is still somewhat limited, but I've found it useful for large maps.

  • Beginning to refactor code to take advantage of C#7
  • Removed the "fill" color in app settings. It wasn't being used anymore (#310)
  • Fixed issue with room properties window opening in the upper left corner of the screen (#309)
  • Automap will now detect when a room is being connected in the same direction as another room. The user will be prompted to keep one or other or both. (#300)
  • Automap now supports the EXITS command (#297)
  • Can now specify an end room. (#171)
  • Issue in Automapper when restarting, it would sometimes get confused and not display any rooms. (#195)
  • Added new option in Automapper, to assume two-way directions (on by default). (#296)
  • Add a FIND (Ctrl-F), currently only on Rooms (name, subtitle, objects and description). Found elements are selected. (#57)
  • F3 / Shift-F3 will cycle through found matches
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