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Twitter Bootstrap 3 Snippets Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3
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Bootstrap 3 - Sublime Plugin

A sublime plugin complete with Bootstrap 3 snippets

Feel free to let me know what else you want added via:

What's included - contents


There are 3 methods for installing this plugin.

  1. Search for "Bootstrap 3 Snippets" via the "Package Control: Install Packages" menu. Note: If you don't have Sublime Package Control installed, you can find out how to install it here

  2. Clone the repository into your Sublime Text 2/3 packages directory. `git clone

  3. Download the .zip file and unzip it into your Sublime Text 2/3 packages directory. Note: You can find your Sublime Text 2/3 packages directory by going to Preferences > Browse Packages.


Start typing bs3 in html files and the autocomplete window opens. It matches fuzzily. So you can type bs3radio to find the bs3-input:radio snippet.

Be sure you have enabled "bs" in your Preferences.sublime-settings:

"auto_complete_triggers": [{"selector": "text.html", "characters": "bs3"}]

Note: If you experience any issues with a leading "<" please look at this issue thread for some potential solutions.


Component Snippet code
CDN link (both CSS & JS) bs3-cdn
CDN link (CSS only) bs3-cdn:css
CDN link (JS only) bs3-cdn:js


Component Snippet code
Link to local bootstrap files bs3-local


Component Snippet code
HTML5 Template Layout bs3-template:html5


Component Snippet code
Form bs3-form
Inline Form bs3-form:inline
Horizontal Form bs3-form:horizontal


Component Snippet code
Table bs3-table
Bordered Table bs3-table:bordered
Condensed Table bs3-table:condensed
Hover Table bs3-table:hover
Striped Table bs3-table:striped

Input Fields (Form fields)

Note: you can add " :h " to the end of any input field snippet to make it compatible with Bootstrap 3 horizontal forms. E.g.

  • bs3-input:text:h
  • bs3-input:hidden:h
Component Snippet code Options
Label bs3-input:label
Text Input bs3-input:text :h
Email Input bs3-input:email :h
Password Input bs3-input:password :h
Hidden Input bs3-input:hidden :h
Url Input bs3-input:url :h
Color Input bs3-input:color :h
Number Input bs3-input:number :h
Range Input bs3-input:range :h
Date Input bs3-input:date :h
Week Input bs3-input:week :h
Month Input bs3-input:month :h
Time Input bs3-input:time :h
Tel Input bs3-input:tel :h
Search Input bs3-input:search :h
Reset Input bs3-input:reset :h
Submit Input bs3-input:submit :h
Checkbox Input bs3-input:checkbox :h
Radio Box Input bs3-input:radio :h
Select Box bs3-select :h
Textarea bs3-textarea :h


Component Snippet code
Alert Box (Default) bs3-alert
Danger Alert Box bs3-alert:danger
Info Alert Box bs3-alert:info
Success Alert Box bs3-alert:success
Warning Alert Box bs3-alert:warning


Component Snippet code
Badge (Default) bs3-badge


Component Snippet code
Breadcrumbs bs3-breadcrumbs


Component Snippet code
Carousel bs3-carousel


Note: all button snippets below can have any of the following options append to the end of the snippet *.

  • :danger
  • :default
  • :disabled
  • :info
  • :primary
  • :success
  • :warning

An example:

  • bs3-button:success
  • bs3-large-button:disabled
  • bs3-block-button:warning
Component Snippet code Options
Button bs3-button *
Block Button bs3-block-button *
Mini Button bs3-xs-button *
Small Button bs3-sm-button *
Large Button bs3-lg-button *


Note: The bs3-col snippet can be used both on its own or with the addition of a colon followed by the number of columns required: E.g.

  • bs3-col
  • bs3-col:6
  • bs3-col:12
Component Snippet code Options
Column bs3-col :1-12
Row bs3-row
Container bs3-container


Component Snippet code
Glyphicon bs3-icon:glyphicon
Icon (Font Awesome) bs3-icon


Component Snippet code
Thumbnail bs3-thumbnail
Thumbnail with content bs3-thumbnail:content


Component Snippet code
Label bs3-label
Danger Label bs3-label:danger
Info Label bs3-label:info
Success Label bs3-label:success
Warning Label bs3-label:warning


Component Snippet code
Pager bs3-pager
Aligned Pager bs3-pager:aligned
Pagination bs3-pagination
Pagination:small bs3-pagination:sm
Pagination:large bs3-pagination:lg


Component Snippet code
Navbar (basic navbar) bs3-navbar
Navbar Brand Element bs3-navbar:brand
Navbar Button bs3-navbar:button
Navbar Form bs3-navbar:form
Navbar Link bs3-navbar:link
Navbar Text bs3-navbar:text
Navbar Fixed-Botton bs3-navbar:fixed-bottom
Navbar Fixed-Top bs3-navbar:fixed-top
Navbar Inverse bs3-navbar:inverse
Navbar Responsive bs3-navbar:responsive
Navbar Static-Top bs3-navbar:static-top


Component Snippet code
Jumbotron (ex Hero Unit) bs3-jumbotron


Component Snippet code
Panel bs3-panel
Panel (contextual) bs3-panel:{warning,success,info,danger,primary}
Panel (with heading) bs3-panel:heading
Panel (with footer) bs3-panel:footer


Component Snippet code
List group bs3-list-group
List group (with badges) bs3-list-group:badges
List group (linked list) bs3-list-group:linked
List group (with content) bs3-list-group:content

Media Objects

Component Snippet code
Media Object bs3-media-object


Component Snippet code
Clearfix bs3-clearfix


Component Snippet code
Well bs3-well
Well (small) bs3-well:sm
Well (large) bs3-well:lg


Component Snippet code
Tabs pane bs3-tabs


Component Snippet code
Input group bs3-input-group
Input group(addon & text-field) bs3-input-group:addon:text
Input group (addon) bs3-input-group-addon
Input group (button) bs3-input-group-btn
Input group (text-field & btn) bs3-input-group:text:btn


Bootstrap 3 - Sublime Plugin is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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