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- Assign proper content type for encoded images. Was hard-coded to image/gif.
- New Arc2Earth layer (gvector.A2E) extends AGS uses Arc2Earth sync as back-end. Near real-time feature updates.
- Fixing bug where dynamic layers with the singleInfoWindow parameter set to true, any feature property update triggers a content change on the open InfoWindow, even if that feature hasn't changed
- Fixing bug where marker icons from ArcGIS Server back-ends weren't centered properly over the point
- New PostGIS RESTful Web Service Framework layer (gvector.PRWSF)
- New GIS Cloud layer (gvector.GISCloud)
- DRYing up the code. Moved _processFeatures from individual layers into Layer.js
- Creating two super-layers from which all other layers extend from: GeoJSONLayer and EsriJSONLayer
- Fixed issue where any property change would trigger a symbology change in dynamic, styled layers. We now check to see if the symbology property has changed.