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Tileify AGS Proxy

This is a node application that uses tileify-ags to create a simple proxy for serving up regular old, uncached ArcGIS Server map services as map tiles that can be easily added to any slippy map (Leaflet, OpenLayers, Google Maps).

View a demo

Install - Run

cd /path/to/tileify-ags-proxy
npm install
npm start


The Easy Way

Click this button.


The Slightly Harder But Still Really Easy Way

The Procfile makes this application easy to deploy to heroku.

cd /path/to/tileify-ags-proxy
heroku create
git push heroku master


After running your application visit the application root (http://localhost:5000/) for some documentation and an interactive demo.

The tiling proxy can be found at http://localhost:5000/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}. Those funny looking letters are placholders for the tiles located at specific zoom levels and coordinates. Your mapping library should automatically replace these with actual values at runtime.

There is one required URL parameter to add, url. This is the ArcGIS Server map server endpoint and will look something like:

This value you add to the URL should be URL encoded!

You can URL encode by doing:

var ags_url = '';
var encoded = encodeURIComponent(ags_url);

An example URL looks like:



ArcGIS Server ImageServer services are also supported. Instead of using the MapServer services as seen above, just use ImageServer:

Additional URL Parameters

In addition to the required url URL parameter, you can also pass a &redirect=true parameter that will perform an HTTP redirect to the map server instead of serving it itself.

Also accepted are the URL parameters supported by ArcGIS Server. Some of these that you might find valuable are:

  • transparent - Helpful for overlay layers where you want to see stuff that's underneath. Set to true for anything other than a base map.
  • layers - Which specific layers from the map service you want in your map tiles.
  • format - Switch between png and jpg formats.

Use a Hosted Version

I've deployed an instance of this application at Heroku. You're free to use it as you wish. In the examples above just use the domain instead of localhost:5000.


Fetch slippy map tiles from ArcGIS Server




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