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Find file Copy path
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Phase 0 (June 2019):

  • Have all basic features implemented including find and replace, print and settings.
  • Fix active bugs and glitches as much as possible.
  • Launch it on Microsoft Store and setup release pipeline on GitHub.
  • Create a landing website ->

Phase 1 (Summer 2019):

  • Improve Find and Replace UX.
  • Automatic file save and restore.
  • Markdown file preview.
  • Diff viewer.
  • Publish 1.0 version of Notepads by end of August 2019.

Phase 2 (By end of 2019):

  • I will visit .Net core 3.0, Windows Apps, Xaml Island to see if I can port it over to win32 or WPF to get rid of UWP limitations and restrictions.
  • Get rid of some of the UWP limitations by using: UWP with Desktop Extension
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