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JasonStein committed Nov 6, 2019
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@@ -112,6 +112,7 @@ You might notice that I work for Microsoft. However, Notepads is my personal sid
* [Yi Zhou]( - App icon designer, Notepads App Icon is greatly inspired by the new icon for Windows Terminal.
* Alexandru Sterpu - App Tester, who helped me a lot during preview/beta testing.
* Code Contributors: [DanverZ](, [BernhardWebstudio](, [Csányi István](, [Pavel Erokhin](, [Sergio Pedri](, [Lucas Pinho B. Santos](
* Documentation Contributors: [Craig S.](
* Localization Contributors:
* [fr-FR][French]: [François Rousselet](, [François-Joseph du Fou](
* [es-ES][Spanish]: [Jose Pinilla](

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