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My hobby-horse programming language where I'll attempt to implement, from scratch, everything that I dream of having in other languages. This is likely to be forever in flux, but we'll start somewhere.

Read the Comprehensive User Docs

Please understand that these docs are a work in progress, and while they do cover a large chunk of the language features, there is still more documentation to come including better examples and clearer explanations.

Learn Claro By Example!

Check out the example Claro programs.

Try it Out Locally!

For now, this requires a few manual setup steps, but in the future this process will be replaced with an automated installation script.

Expected Installation Directory Structure

|-- bin
    |-- claro -> ../lib/claro/
    |-- claroc -> ../lib/claro/
|-- lib
    |-- claro
        |-- claro_builtin_java_deps_deploy.ja
        |-- claro_compiler_binary_deploy.jar

Make .../lib/claro directory

mkdir /usr/local/lib/claro

Download the latest release to the .../lib/claro dir

The release tagged latest contains the up-to-date CLIs to get started running Claro programs on the command line!

curl -L > /usr/local/lib/claro/claro-cli-install.tar.gz

Unpack the tar and remove it

tar -xzf /usr/local/lib/claro/claro-cli-install.tar.gz -C /usr/local/lib/claro && rm /usr/local/lib/claro/claro-cli-install.tar.gz

Here I'm assuming that /usr/local/bin is already in your PATH, if not, add it now.

ln -s /usr/local/lib/claro/ /usr/local/bin/claroc
ln -s /usr/local/lib/claro/ /usr/local/bin/claro

Create your first Claro program!

Note: For now, your Claro programs will need to be in the same dir as the extracted CLI artifacts.

echo 'print("Hello, world!");' > hello_world.claro

Compile using claroc

claroc hello_world.claro

Run using claro

claro hello_world

Try it Out in a GitHub Codespace!

Open in GitHub Codespaces

Once you're in VSCode in your codespace, navigate to


and you should be able to run any of the claro_binary Bazel Build targets by clicking the Run button rendered inline above the target.

In case the VSCode Bazel Plugin Isn't Working can always manually run the programs manually by finding the corresponding build target name and running a command like the following:

bazel run //src/java/com/claro/claro_programs:<replace this with your desired build target>

Try it Out Online at!

Please keep in mind that in the current state of the world, Riju is generally behind the latest state of Claro development since I don't control Riju and can't redeploy for each new commit to this repo. If you want the latest of the latest then read the below to build Claro locally.

Build Claro Locally!

View the src, and follow the real User Guide.