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*** Everything here is Copyright 2008 Citizen Logistics, LLC ***
***         and released under the Affero GPL v3             ***

== Running the viewer on your local machine ==

Run the following in a shell, to build the javascipt and html up
for constituent files, and then to grab real live data to test
with from the real server and cache it locally.

% make
% make grab GCUN='<your email>' GCPW='<your password>'

At this point you should be able to run the viewer locally in
firefox or safari or whatever:

% open BUILD/viewer.html     # or...
% firefox BUILD/viewer.html

If you change javascript, html or css files, you have to run
'make' to rebuild.

The only thing that doesn't work quite right in local mode are
the user images.  Sorry about that.  Also, only your home city
will have data loaded from the server.

== Troubleshooting ==

GOOGLE MAPS:  In order for google maps to work, you need to access 
the viewer from either a * domain, or a localhost url, 
or a file:/// url.  If you refer to your local machine in some other 
way it will not work.

== Navigating the source ==

Here are the directories we use:

/components/      - the real functionality, broken down by UI component
   map_layers/    - draw the different kinds of markers on the map
   palettes/      - these are the pop-ups from clicking border icons
   welcome/       - the welcome and help text
   *_app/         - plugins that handle certain tasks, like organizing or recruiting
	foundation/     - javascript and css utilities and conventions
	gc_api/         - javascript utilities for groundcrew domain objects (agents, landmarks, etc)
	viewer/         - javascript infrastructure for displaying the viewer

/vendor/          - javascript from outside sources
/test/            - qunit javascript tests


* The viewer is now organized into multiple apps, and apps provide their
  services and link to each other using an internal URL structure which 
  is implemented in 'src/viewer/viewer.js'.  For example, a command
  like Viewer.go('/mobilize/noho/good_deeds/Idea__12/Agent__405') will 
  run some code in apps/mobilize_app/mobilize.js which will provide
  breadcrumbs and open an agent window relative to a specific good deed

* The src/ stuff is now organized into architectural levels.  We have 
  some foundational javascript utilities and css conventions, then we 
  have an API for dealing with groundcrew objects like agents and ideas,
  built on top of that.  Then we have the viewer code built on those 

* src/foundation/resource.js and src/gc_api/models.js implement a
  generic javascript "database" layer for searching and grouping 
  groundcrew resources.  This means we can say things like
  Agents.by_city(220) for a list of agents in Northampton, and the
  same works for Landmarks and other basic groundcrew objects.

* src/gc_api/gcserver.js implements the server to viewer communication
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