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What is this?

This repository is 99.9% JSON.

Each JSON file is an iOS app. And an Android app. Simultaneously.

And when you play these JSON snippets on Jasonette, they instantly turn into native apps.

Here's how it works: Jasonette interprets the JSON markup into native iOS and Android components. Just like how you use HTML to write a web page, you use JSON to write a native app, which you can publish to the app store.

Check out the website to learn more.

Here are some highlights of what these JSON files can turn into (hint: anything you can imagine):

              _                         |     _                                        








assets/screen7.gif |

How to use this?

First of all, I recommend you check out the website to quickly learn how this works.

1. Recommended way

Jasonette ships with this repository's URL embedded by default, so if you just head over to the website and follow the "Get Started" guide, you'll be able to try everything on this repository. (Note: The default root URL Jasonette ships with is hello.json).

2. Manual way

You can also manually add JSON to Jasonette. If you want to try adding each individual JSON file in this repository, you just need to add their published URLs to Jasonette and run. You can learn how to do that at Getting started guide.

Just remember, this repo uses Github pages to publish the JSON, so all the files will be avaialbe under the https://jasonette.github.io/Jasonpedia base url.

For example the hello.json file in the root directory is directly available at https://jasonette.github.io/Jasonpedia/hello.json, the demo.json is available at https://jasonette.github.io/Jasonpedia/demo.json, and so forth.

The purpose of this repo

This repo serves multiple purposes:

###1. Demo This is the default JSON that ships with all Jasonette code, which means everyone who downloads Jasonette will get to play with what's on this repo as a starter project.

###2. Test Whenever you write an extension that may be useful to be merged into the main project, write a test JSON to make sure:

  • it works as intended
  • it plays nice with the rest of Jasonette
  • other people understand how to use it
  • the syntax is consistent with the convention

###3. Contribution Contribution is encouraged for this repo. Feel free to share your JSON apps by sending pull requests.