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FireBase Agent

This app (and an agent) uses cell.js framework but you don't have to use cell to build Jasonette agents.

This is just a demonstration. If you're not familiar with cell.js, you can:

  1. Learn it's super simple once you understand the minimum building blocks. Takes prob 10 minutes to learn the whole library.
  2. Or if you just want to learn how: this is using Jasonette $agents, just take a look at some of the important parts here to learn how it's using $agent.trigger() inside the _update() method. Then you can implement it using vanilla JS or using your favorite JS Framework.

Try Demo

You can try the web app at

And the same web app, plugged into Jasonette:

Brief Overview of what's happening:

A. initializing Firebase

this._ref = firebase.database().ref();

B. Listening to the value change and triggering _update()

this._ref.on("value", function(snapshot){

C. And finally inside _update(), calling $agent.trigger()

$agent.trigger("update", {"items": {
  return c.$text