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Web UI for Monerobox based on RPi-Monitor
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This repo is for the web UI of monerobox project.
The web UI is based on RPi-Monitor.

======================================== Original README ========================================



RPi-Monitor is a self monitoring application designed to run on Raspberry Pi.

For performance and security reason, RPi-Monitor separates the extraction of the information from the presentation of the information.

The extraction of the information is done by a process designed to run as a daemon (which can be executed as root). The extracted key performance indicators (KPI) from the computer are stored them into a Round Robin Database (RRD) to keep an history of the health of the computer. rpimonitord is the perl script also starts the embedded web server giving access to the pages. The web server is running into a separate process owned by a non root user (the user 'pi' by default).

The presentation of the information is performed by HTML5 pages. These pages dynamically download the information extracted from the previous script and perform the rendering the in a nice looking format ( using bootstrap, jquery, jsqrencode, javascriptrrd and flot ).

This architecture has the advantage in an embedded architecture to offload the server task and delegate processing and rendering to the client.

Finnally note that the embedded server doesn't provide access control or authentication. It is still possible to not start the embeded web server and use an external web server to deliver the pages.


You can find screenshots of RPi-Monitor in RPi-Monitor Overview.


Installation of RPi-Monitor is detailled in every release announcement in RPi-Experience.

Debian package for Raspbian is available in here.

Gentoo users can find the ebuild created by Stuart Shelton here.

Arch Linux users can find the aur package created by ajs124 here. Developmental branch package is located here

The dependencies and the detail of installation process are describe into

For installation on other system and for advanced customization read the article RPi-Monitor: Version 2.0 advance usage and customization.

Note: "For various reasons" OpenElec don't maintain a package repository. RPi-Monitor will then not be available on this distribution until the development team does the job.

Other information

All articles related to RPi-Monitor are gathered into the page RPi-Monitor Overview.

Frequently Asked Question find answer into the FAQ page.


GitHub is used to perform versioning of development and also to backup the development progress of future releases.

The branch master contains the latest stable version.

The branch devel is the unstable development branch (The branch may have bugs and partially released code that could avoid RPi-Monitor to run as expected).

Each release is identified by a tag.

Pull request

You want to contribute to RPi-Monitor. I'll be happy to integrate your pull request.

Please note: Pull request perfomed on devel branch will be integrated as soon as possible. Pull request perform on master branche may only be integrated when a new version is published (or not may not be integrated at all...)

RPi-Monitor used in other projects

RPi-monitor is also used as part of other projects:

  • Tor-Info Configuration file, script and documentation to extend RPi-Monitor for showing a Tor relay's information.


Author: Xavier Berger

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