Next generation application development framework for .Net


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Next generation application development framework for .Net. Jasper is being built on the new DNX platform as the successor to FubuMVC and FubuTransportation.


  • Provide a relatively easy migration path from existing FubuMVC/FubuTransportation applications
  • Require minimal ceremonial code and cruft
  • High performance and scalability
  • Optimized application startup
  • At least match the modularity and extensibility of current FubuMVC + Bottles


  • Keep the "Russian Doll" model
  • Combine FubuMVC and FubuTransportation into one library
  • Use OWIN AppFunc as the new "Behavior", which effectively means "async by default"
  • Build on top of the new DNX .Net runtime. Hopefully shoot for CoreCLR support
  • Heavily leverage Roslyn capabilities
  • Use StructureMap 3.2+ as the default IoC container