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The documentation is published here.

Jasper is a next generation application development framework for distributed server side development in .Net. Jasper is being built on the CoreCLR as a replacement for a small subset of the older FubuMVC tooling. Roughly stated, Jasper intends to keep the things that have been successful in FubuMVC, ditch the things that weren't, and make the runtime pipeline be much more performant. Oh, and make the stacktraces from failures within the runtime pipeline be a whole lot simpler to read -- and yes, that's absolutely worth being one of the main goals.

Working with the Code

The official build script for Jasper uses Rake, but you're perfectly able to just fire up Visual Studio.Net, Rider, or VS Code and start working.

To run the rake script, you'll need to have Ruby and a recent version of Node.js (for building the client side assets we use in diagnostics) installed. Assuming you have those, go to the command line and type:

  1. bundle install (only the first time)
  2. rake or if you have version conflicts with other projects on your machine (boo), use bundle exec rake

This script will build the client side Javascript assets, restore .Net dependencies, execute the xUnit tests, and run the Storyteller specifications.

Working with the Storyteller Specifications

If you're okay using the rake script, just use the rake open_st task to start and launch the Storyteller specification editor. rake storyteller will run the specifications from a command line if you only need to see results.

If you don't want to use rake, go to the src/StorytellerSpecs folder at the command line and type dotnet storyteller.

The build script will build


The documentation is built and published with dotnet stdocs. The actual content is in this repository in the "/documentation" folder, but the finished HTML docs will be published to gh-pages in the repository.

To run the documentation website for the Jasper docs, use the rake docs task, or if you're not a Ruby fan, from the root directory of the repository, do dotnet restore && dotnet stdocs run.

To publish the documentation, there is a separate rake publish task that exports the compiled HTML code and pushes that to the Github repository for Jasper. Note that you will have to have push rights to the repository.

Running Benchmarks

There is some rudimentary benchmarks exposed through BenchmarkDotNet in the src/benchmarks project. To run the benchmarks, go to the command line at the src/benchmarks folder and just run dotnet run -c Release to execute all of the benchmarks.

What's with the name?

I think that FubuMVC turned some people off by its name ("for us, by us"). This time around I was going for an unassuming name that was easy to remember and just named it after my Jeremy's hometown (Jasper, MO).