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a10dff3 Aug 26, 2013
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import numpy as np
import sys
import math
import time
def branin(x):
x[0] = x[0]*15
x[1] = (x[1]*15)-5
y = np.square(x[1] - (5.1/(4*np.square(math.pi)))*np.square(x[0]) + (5/math.pi)*x[0] - 6) + 10*(1-(1./(8*math.pi)))*np.cos(x[0]) + 10;
result = y
print result
return result
# Write a function like this called 'main'
def main(job_id, params):
print 'Anything printed here will end up in the output directory for job #:', str(job_id)
print params
return branin(params['X'])