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Friendly-netstat shows you connected ports and programs or listening servers every X seconds.

The output is also written in connections[time].txt (in this script folder). The file is refreshed with the terminal output.


Command Line

  1. Just give it the execution rights : chmod +x friendly-netstat
  2. then launch it : ./friendly-netstat

Graphic Interface

  1. With Graphic interface, most of the time : right click → properties → security → allow to execute
  2. Then open a terminal (in most cases, right-click → Open in Terminal) and : ./friendly-netstat


Syntax : friendly-netstat [option] [refresh delay in seconds]

Exemple : friendly-netstat c 5

If no refresh delay is specified, refreshes output every 5 sec.

Options :

  • c : connections (without servers)
  • l : listening servers