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This app is a prototype for detecting changes on files
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Folder Checker

This tool scans trough your folder and compares it with an initialized state.


To make a compile execute following commands

$ npm install
$ npm run build

You can delete the node_modules folder if the app is to big.


Command Description
-i, --init initialises all folders, needful if you change the config
-c, --compare executes the compare workflow once
-d, --delete removes all files from honeypot db and folder
-r, --reinject reinjects folders
-t, --time executes the compare all {N} sec

Config File

The config file can be found under ./res/conf/folder_config.json

  "timeInterval": 60000,
  "logLevel": "debug",
  "injectCadence": 1,
  "injectDirectories": [
      "dir": "./res_test/init_files/",
      "files": [

  "folders": [
  "excludedFolders": [
    ".*also regex[1] is possible().*"
Command Description
timeInterval all {N} milliseconds the compare algorithm with -t will be executed
logLevel can be debug or info
injectCadence every {N} th folder will be used for the honeypot
injectDirectories the folders which should be used for injecting
folders folders which will be compared. The values must end with .../
excludedFolders list of folders which are not injected. You can set also a regex
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