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A shelter for new ideas and modules to be adopted, e.g. via Adopt-a-JSR
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Welcome to the JavaMoney Shelter

JavaMoney-shelter is a sandbox or "sanctuary" for new ideas and modules to be adopted, e.g. via Adopt-a-JSR or similar programs. The shelter also acts as incubator module for testing out new features or modules before they may enter the official javamoney library. This allows to gain experience and make components error prone and performant and enables a discussion of new features with a broader community.

Gimme Shelter

Dependency for Maven modules (similar for Gradle where applicable)

  <versionId>the current version</version>


  • javamoney-bitcoin Bitcoin Support
  • groovy-money A Groovy Extension Module for JavaMoney providing operator overloading and more.
  • groovy-demo: Groovy demo and Spock tests of groovy-money (Coming soon)
  • javamoney-spock Spock tests that demonstrate basic JavaMoney functionality without Groovy extensions


Currently the following modules are retired (or archived, this means they are not actively maintained. Some of them may not even compile any more):

  • Formatting provides an extendble formatting library that allows to define complex formatters, that can be configured in arbitrary ways using LocalizationStyle instances. Also available is a flexible Builder for creating arbitrary complex formatters and parsers based on an ordered set of arbitrary tokens.
  • javamoney-all provides a pom that imports everything you need (API, RI and the released JavaMoney libraries).
  • Region API provides a forest (a set of trees) of regions. This allows to model regional hierarchies in a more flexible and intuitive way, than adding all functionalities into java.util.Locale. By default the Unicode CLDR region tree, well as ISO countries defined by the 2- or 3-letter country code are available. Of course, the API is fully extendible, so customer related regions such as legal units, customer segments etc can be mapped easily to this API, also.
  • Validity API This API provides a generic API for accessing historic validity information for arbitrary items, and for relationships between items. By default the API provides access to the historic relationship of currencies to countries using the Unicode CLDR data.
  • Data JavaMoney Data
  • Currencies ISO Online Currency Provider

Authors and Contributors

Everyone is welcome to contribute. Werner Keil (@keilw) composed this project for you.

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